Archives of Acoustics, 12, 3-4, pp. 177-197, 1987

Acoustic filters with a perforated tube

Gerard Brzózka
Institute of Machine Construction and Operation of the Engineering College in Zielona Góra

A method of calculating acoustic properties of a low-pass filter with a perforated side baffle separating two wave-guides with constant cross-section areas is proposed. It is based on the principle of segmentation of the wave-guide into a series of elementary models which describe properties of acoustic element related to individual rows of perforation and segments of acoustic wave-guides, and on the description of acoustic properties of these models with the application of a transmission matrix with its properties of a chain matrix. Also relationships are given from which acoustic properties of a perforated baffle can be determined for a discrete parameter model at a laminar flow through orifices of the perforation.
Moreover, a calculation model for determining generally applied measures — insertion loss and transmission loss — was proposed on the basis of the transmission matrix of an acoustic filter determined with the presented method.
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