e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 38, No 1 (2013)

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In Memoriam

A Look at the Life and Activity of a Prominent Polish Acoustician of the 20th Century Professor Ignacy MALECKI (1912–2004) on the Occasion of the Centenary Anniversary of His Birth PDF
Przemysław RANACHOWSKI, Feliks REJMUND, Jerzy ETIENNE 3-12

Research Papers

Music-Induced Vibrations in a Concert Hall and a Church PDF
Sebastian MERCHEL, Mehmet Ercan ALTINSOY 13-18
Educational Implementation of a Sound Level Meter in the LabVIEW Environment PDF
Robert BARAŃSKI, Grażyna WSZOŁEK 19-26
Efficient Phantom Source Widening PDF
Franz ZOTTER, Matthias FRANK 27-37
Spectral Mapping Using Kernel Principal Components Regression for Voice Conversion PDF
Peng SONG, Li ZHAO, Yongqiang BAO 39-45
Evaluation of Decay Times from Noisy Room Responses with Pure-Tone Excitation PDF
Mirosław MEISSNER 47-54
HRTF Adjustments with Audio Quality Assessments PDF
Shu-Nung YAO, Li Jen CHEN 55-62
Acoustic Features of Filled Pauses in Polish Task-Oriented Dialogues PDF
Maciej KARPIŃSKI 63-73
Modal Parameters of Two Violins with Different Varnish Layers and Subjective Evaluation of Their Sound Quality PDF
Ewa B. SKRODZKA, Bogumił B.J. LINDE, Antoni KRUPA 75-81
Power Amplification and Selectivity in the Cochlear Amplifier PDF
Ultrasonic Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles with an Additional Biocompatible Dextrane Layer PDF
Leszek DĄBEK, Tomasz HORNOWSKI, Arkadiusz JÓZEFCZAK, Andrzej SKUMIEL 93-98
Detection of Objects Buried in the Sea Bottom with the Use of Parametric Echosounder PDF
Eugeniusz KOZACZKA, Grazyna GRELOWSKA, Sławomir KOZACZKA, Wojciech SZYMCZAK 99-104
Matched-field Source Localization with a Mobile Short Horizontal Linear Array in Offshore Shallow Water PDF
Dexin ZHAO, Zhiping HUANG, Shaojing SU, Ting LI 105-113

Technical Notes

Practical Concerns Associated with Single-Number Ratings in Measuring Sound Transmission Loss Properties of Partition Panels PDF
Naveen GARG, Anil KUMAR, Sagar MAJI 115–124
Ultrasonic Method for Monitoring Environmental Risks Associated with Precipitation PDF
Tadeusz GUDRA, Dariusz BANASIAK, Krzysztof HERMAN, Krzysztof OPIELIŃSKI 125–135


42nd Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics 41th Winter School on Vibroacoustical Hazards Suppressions PDF
Marian URBAŃCZYK 137–152

Calendar of Events

Conferences PDF
Calendar of Events 153–154