e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 36, No 2 (2011)

Research Papers

Retrospecting Polish Audio Engineering Society Membership on 20th Anniversary of the Polish Section of the Audio Engineering Society PDF
Bozena KOSTEK, Marianna SANKIEWICZ 187–197
Sacral Sound-Engineering PDF
Gustaw BUDZYNSKI 199–224
Perceptually Correlated Parameters of Musical Instrument Tones PDF
James W. BEAUCHAMP 225–238
Loudness Assessment of Musical Tones Equalized in A-weighted Level PDF
Despina KLONARI, Konstantinos PASTIADIS, Georgios PAPADELIS, George PAPANIKOLAOU 239–250
Absolute Pitch and Its Frequency Range PDF
Andrzej RAKOWSKI, Piotr ROGOWSKI 251–266
Toward a Single Reed Mouthpiece for the Oboe PDF
Sandra CARRAL, Christophe VERGEZ, Cornelis J. NEDERVEEN 267–282
An Accent-Based Approach to Automatic Rendering of Piano Performance: Preliminary Auditory Evaluation PDF
Erica BISESI, Richard PARNCUTT 283–296
Automatic Music Summarization. A “Thumbnail” Approach PDF
ICA-based Single Channel Audio Separation: New Bases and Measures of Distance PDF
Dariusz MIKA, Piotr KLECZKOWSKI 311–331
Comparison of Sound Attributes of Multichannel and Mixed-Down Stereo Recordings PDF
Maurycy J. KIN, Przemysław PLASKOTA 333–345
Choosing and Configuring a Stereo Microphone Technique Based on Localisation Curves PDF
Magdalena PLEWA, Piotr KLECZKOWSKI 347–363
Study of Preference for Surround Microphone Techniques Used in the Recording of Choir and Instrumental Ensemble PDF
Andrzej SITEK, Bożena KOSTEK 365–378
Active Acoustics in Concert Halls – A New Approach PDF
Wieslaw WOSZCZYK 379–393
Creating Acoustic Maps Employing Supercomputing Cluster PDF
Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI, Józef KOTUS, Maciej SZCZODRAK 395–418
Advances in Digitization of Microphones and Loudspeakers PDF
Zbigniew KULKA 419–436
Nonlinear Distortions in Electroacoustic Devices PDF
Andrzej DOBRUCKI 437–460
Parametric Audio Based Decoder and Music Synthesizer for Mobile Applications PDF
Marek SZCZERBA, Werner OOMEN, Dieter THERSSEN 461–478


20th Anniversary of the Polish Section of the Audio Engineering Society PDF
Zbigniew KULKA, Wojciech MAKOWSKI, Tadeusz FIDECKI, Maria TAJCHERT 479–480
14th International Symposium on Sound Engineering and Tonmeistering ISSET 2011 Wrocław, Poland, May 19 – 21, 2011 PDF
Editorial Board 481–494