e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 48, No 2 (2023)

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Research Papers

Study on Chinese Speech Intelligibility Under Different Low-Frequency Characteristics of Reverberation Time Using a Hybrid Method PDF
Wuqiong HUANG, Jianxin PENG, Tinghui XIE 151–157
Experimental Diagnostic of Cavitation Flow in the Centrifugal Pump Under Various Impeller Speeds Based on Acoustic Analysis Method PDF
Ahmed Ramadhan AL-OBAIDI 159–170
Investigation of the Effect of Non-Flat Surfaces on the Performance of Perforated Acoustic Absorber PDF
Zahra HASHEMI, Ali FAHIM, Mohammad Reza MONAZZAM 171–181
The Acoustic Effect of Windows Installed in a Wood Frame Façade PDF
Jacek NURZYŃSKI 183–190
Infrasound Signal Classification Based on ICA and SVM PDF
Quanbo LU, Meng WANG, Mei LI 191–199
Study on the Effectiveness of Monte Carlo Filtering when Correcting Negative SEA Loss Factors PDF
Paweł NIERADKA, Andrzej DOBRUCKI 201–218
Three-Dimensional Freehand Ultrasound Strain Elastography Based on the Assessment of Endogenous Motion: Phantom Study PDF
Effect of Rotation on the Piezoelectric Wave Impedance Characteristics PDF
Xiaoguang YUAN, Chaoyu HAO, Quan JIANG 231–234
Research on Scattering Feature Extraction of Underwater Moving Cluster Targets Based on the Highlight Model PDF
Yang YANG, Jun FAN, Bin WANG 235–247

Review Papers

Review of Methodologies in Recent Research of Human Echolocation PDF
Michał BUJACZ, Bartłomiej SZTYLER, Natalia WILEŃSKA, Karolina CZAJKOWSKA, Paweł STRUMIŁŁO 249–271
A study of the Romanian framework and the challenges in implementing the noise mapping legislation PDF
Diana Ioana POPESCU 273–280

Technical Notes

Corrected Long-Term Time-Average Sound Level of Amplitude-Modulated Wind Turbine Noise PDF
Rufin MAKAREWICZ, Maciej Jan BUSZKIEWICZ 281–285