e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 45, No 2 (2020)

Review Papers

Exploring the Acoustics of Ancient Open-Air Theatres PDF

Research Papers

Direction Estimation and Tracking of Coherent Sources Using a Single Acoustic Vector Sensor PDF
Mohd WAJID, Arun KUMAR, Rajendar BAHL 209–219
Comparison of Acoustic Emission Data Acquired During Tensile Deformation of Maraging Steel M250 Welded Specimens PDF
Gowri Shankar WURITI, Somnath CHATTOPADHYAYA, Grzegorz KROLCZYK 221–231
Sound Absorption Characteristics of Pineapple Leaf/Epoxy Composite PDF
Damar Rastri ADHIKA, Iwan PRASETIYO, Abiyoga NOERIMAN, Nurul HIDAYAH, S. WIDAYANI 233–240
Magnetoacoustic Heating of Plasma Caused by Periodic Magnetosound Perturbations with Discontinuities in a Quasi-Isentropic Magnetic Gas PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA 241–251
The Primary Noise Control in the Work Environment by Increasing the Quality of Bearings and Effective Mounting of Machines PDF
Stanislav ŽIARAN, Ľubomír ŠOOŠ, Ondrej CHLEBO 253–262
The Use of the Acoustic Signal to Diagnose Machines Operated Under Variable Load PDF
Paweł PAWLIK 263–270
Study of Effect of Linear Tip Relief Modification in Power Transmission Efficiency of Spur Gears PDF
Narendiranath Babu THAMBA, Abhijeet Mukund TAMBARE, Krishna Caitanya ANANTHANARAYANAN, Rama Prabha DURAISWAMY, Shankar THANGAVELU, Raj Kumar EASWARA PILLAI, Ramalinga Viswanathan MANGALARAJA 271–282
Enhancement in Bearing Fault Classification Parameters Using Gaussian Mixture Models and Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients Features PDF
Youcef ATMANI, Said RECHAK, Ammar MESLOUB, Larbi HEMMOUCHE 283–295
A Prognostic Approach to the Resonance Failure Problem by Triple Sensing Technology PDF
Salih Seçkin EROL 297–301
Modeling and Predicting the Changes in Hearing Loss of Workers with the Use of a Neural Network Data Mining Algorithm: A Field Study PDF
Sajad ZARE, Mohammad Reza GHOTBIRAVANDI, Hossein ELAHISHIRVAN, Mostafa Ghazizadeh AHSAEED, Mina ROSTAMI, Reza ESMAEILI 303–311
Brain’s Frequency Following Responses to Low-Frequency and Infrasound PDF
Carlos JURADO, Torsten MARQUARDT 313–319
On the Consumption of Multimedia Content Using Mobile Devices: a Year to Year User Case Study PDF
Przemyslaw FALKOWSKI-GILSKI 321–328
Analysis for Improvement of Doppler Tomography Imaging of Objects Scattering Continuous Ultrasonic Waves PDF
Tomasz ŚWIETLIK, Krzysztof J. OPIELINSKI 329–339
The Single Degree of Freedom Simulation Model of Underwater Explosion Impact PDF
Underwater Noises of Open-Circuit Scuba Diver PDF
Vladimir KORENBAUM, Anatoly KOSTIV, Sergey GOROVOY, Veniamin DOROZHKO, Anton SHIRYAEV 349–357

Technical Notes

Experimental Study on the Half Flat Tip Serrated Trailing Edge for Stand Fan PDF
Hsiao Mun LEE, Kian Meng LIM, Jinlong XIE, Heow Pueh LEE 359–365


49th Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics XLVIIIth Winter School on Environmental Acoustics and Vibroacoustics Szczyrk, Poland, February 24–27, 2020 PDF
Dariusz Bismor 367–374