e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 43, No 3 (2018)

In Memoriam

In Memoriam Professors Marianna Sankiewicz-Budzyński and Gustaw K.E. Budzyński - Founders of the Polish Audio Engineering PDF
Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI, Bożena KOSTEK 353–355

Review Papers

Review of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors for the Detection and Identification of Toxic Environmental Gases/Vapours PDF
Gowdhaman PANNEERSELVAM, Venkatesan THIRUMAL, Haresh M. PANDYA 357–367
Review on Resonator and Muffler Configuration Acoustics PDF
Muhammad Hariz KHAIRUDDIN, Mohd Farid Muhamad SAID, Afiq Aiman DAHLAN, Khairuldean Abdul KADIR 369–384

Research Papers

Vibroacoustic Real Time Fuel Classification in Diesel Engine PDF
Andrzej BĄKOWSKI, Michał KEKEZ, Leszek RADZISZEWSKI, Alžbeta SAPIETOVA 385–395
Nonlinear Structural Acoustic Control with Shunt Circuit Governed by a Soft-Computing Algorithm PDF
Sebastian KURCZYK, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 397–402
Sound Absorption Behavior of Polyurethane Foam Composites with Different Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Particles PDF
Wenbo ZHU, Shuming CHEN, Yebin WANG, Tongtong ZHU, Yang JIANG 403–411
The Radiation Efficiency Measurements of Real System of a Thin Circular Plate Embedded Into a Thick Square Baffle PDF
Krzysztof SZEMELA, Wojciech P. RDZANEK, Wojciech ŻYŁKA 413–423
Modeling Breast Ultrasound on the Applicability of Commonly Made Approximations PDF
Ulas TASKIN, Neslihan OZMEN, Hartmut GEMMEKE, Koen W.A. van Dongen 425–435
Synthetic Aperture Cardiac Imaging with Reduced Number of Acquisition Channels. A Feasibility Study PDF
Yuriy TASINKEVYCH, Marcin LEWANDOWSKI, Ziemowit KLIMONDA, Mateusz Walczak 437–446
Using Empirical Mode Decomposition of Backscattered Ultrasound Signal Power Spectrum for Assessment of Tissue Compression PDF
Michal BYRA, Janusz WÓJCIK, Andrzej NOWICKI 447–453
The Acoustic Field Distribution Inside the Ultrasonic Ring Array PDF
Wiktor STASZEWSKI, Tadeusz GUDRA, Krzysztof J. OPIELINSKI 455–463
Teaching Machines on Snoring: A Benchmark on Computer Audition for Snore Sound Excitation Localisation PDF
Kun QIAN, Christoph JANOTT, Zixing ZHANG, Jun DENG, Alice BAIRD, Clemens HEISER, Winfried HOHENHORST, Michael HERZOG, Werner HEMMERT, Björn SCHULLER 465–475
Investigations of Auditory Filters Based Excitation Patterns for Assessment of Noise Induced Hearing Loss PDF
Wisam Subhi AL-DAYYENI, Pengfei SUN, Jun QIN 477–486
Amelioration of Ultrasonic Transducer to Study CuO Doped Thin Films PDF
Mirham Abdallah Youssef BARAKAT 487–495
Decomposition of Acoustic and Entropy Modes in a Non-Isothermal Gas Affected by a Mass Force PDF
Sergey LEBLE, Anna PERELOMOVA 497–503
A Study on of Music Features Derived from Audio Recordings Examples – a Quantitative Analysis PDF
Aleksandra DOROCHOWICZ, Bożena KOSTEK 505–516

Technical Notes

Numerical Assessment of Automotive Mufflers Using FEM, Neural Networks, and a Genetic Algorithm PDF
Ying-Chun CHANG, Min-Chie CHIU, Meng-Ru WU 517–529
Investigation of the Acoustical Environment of the Elderly’s Living Place PDF
Youjie ZENG, Jianxin PENG, Lei ZHAO 531–536
An Improved Approximation for DIPPR-Based Predicting Speed of Sound in Long-Chained n-Alkanes PDF
Eugene B. POSTNIKOV, Yuriy V. NEDYALKOV, Ilya POLISHUK 537–541


Chronicle: Academician Leonid Maksimovich Brekhovskikh – 100th Anniversary of the Birth PDF
Andrey N. SEREBRYANY 543–544
Chronicle JOINT CONFERENCE – ACOUSTICS 2018 545–577