e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 47, No 4 (2022)

In Memoriam

Professor Grażyna Grelowska PDF
Eugeniusz Kozaczka, Czesław Drycz 445-446
Professor Józef Lewandowski PDF
Bogusława Lewandowska-Gruszka 447-447

Research Papers

Extended High Frequency Hearing Thresholds in Tinnitus Patients with Normal Hearing PDF
Lidija RISTOVSKA, Zora JACHOVA 449-455
Road, Tram and Aircraft Traffic Noise Annoyance Related to the Number of Noise Events and the Equivalent Sound Level PDF
Jan FELCYN, Patrycja PTAK 457-467
Effect of Psychoacoustic Annoyance on EEG Signals of Tractor Drivers PDF
Majid LASHGARI, Mohammad Reza ARAB, Mohsen NADJAFI, Mojtaba RAFIEE 469-477
Analysis of the Influencing Factors of the Acoustic Performance of the Muffler Considering Acoustic-structural Coupling PDF
Bo ZHAO, He LI 479-490
Analytical and Computational Acoustic Modelling of Side Outlet Muffler and Its Extension in the Modelling of Tapered Side Outlet Muffler PDF
Sandeep Kumar VISHWAKARMA, Suryappa Jayappa PAWAR 491-499
Design of Sound Absorbers Based on Open-Cell Foams via Microstructure-Based Modeling PDF
Van-Hai TRINH, Thien-Van NGUYEN, Thi-Hai-Nhu NGUYEN, Minh-Tan NGUYEN 501-512
Energy Analysis of Cavitation Bubbles Under Dual-Frequency Acoustic Excitation PDF
Liang LV, Kai HU, Fei LIU, Yawei LI, Bing CUI 513-518
Acoustic Hysteresis in Flows with Different Kinds of Relaxation and Attenuation PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA 51-527
The Effect of a Concentrated Mass on the Acoustic Power and the Resonant Frequencies of a Circular Plate PDF
Wojciech P. RDZANEK, Krzysztof SZEMELA 529-538
Correction of Evanescent Wave Influence on the Flexural Wave Velocity and Wavelength Estimation Based on a Mode Shape Function PDF
Are the Heat Capacities of Liquids Calculated from Speeds of Sound and $p_{ρ}T$ Relationships Reliable? A Comparison with the Reference Values and a Discussion of the Uncertainties PDF
Sylwia SZPACZEK, Wojciech MARCZAK 547-554
Asymmetrical PZT Applied to Active Reduction of Asymmetrically Vibrating Beam – Semi-Analytical Solution PDF
Adam BRAŃSKI, Romuald KURAS 555-564

Review Papers

Electron Properties Investigation of the Near-Surface Region in Crystalline Semiconductors Using the Transverse Acoustoelectric Effect PDF
Tadeusz PUSTELNY 565-579


19th Symposium on New Trends in Audio and Video Technology NTAV2022 PDF
Przemysław PLASKOTA 581-586