e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 21, No 1 (1996)

Research Papers

Usefulness of the acoustic speech signal information in the nervous system evaluation PDF
Cz. Basztura, R. Podemski 3-13
Measuring directional masking in a sound field using adaptive threshold procedures PDF
K.S. Abouchacra, J.T. Kalb, T.R. Łętowski 15-28
Harmonic components of finite amplitude sound waves reflected at a surface PDF
M.A. Foda 29-36
Measurement technique of shock wave pulses at extremely high pressures PDF
L. Filipczyński, J. Etienne, G. Łypacewicz, T. Waszczuk 37-51
Critical properties of acoustic wave absorption in the benzonitrile-isooctane system PDF
T. Hornowski, M. Łabowski 53-63
Experimental investigation of shock wave propagation in the postfocal region of a focussed sound field PDF
H. Hobaek 65-73
Acoustical modelling of the surface sources - IV. Interpolation model, axisymmetric problem PDF
A. Brański 75-84
Optimal conditions for the generation system of a SAW gas sensor PDF
M. Urbańczyk, W. Jakubik 85-88
The application of a neural network to classify the acoustic emission waveforms emitted by the concrete under thermal stress PDF
Z. Ranachowski 89-98
Piezoelectric interfacial waves in langasite and dilithium tetraborate PDF
E. Danicki, W. Laprus 99-107


Chronicle - 6-th International Spring School on Acousto-optics and Applications PDF
none none 109-113

Book reviews

Acoustic Emission: Sources, Methods and Applications (in Polish), I. MALECKI, J. RANACHOWSKI [Eds.] PDF
Aleksander Opilski 115-117
Notes on Sound Absorption Technology, K.U. INGARD PDF
Zbigniew Engel 115-117