e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 46, No 1 (2021)

Review Papers

An Educational Overview of Ultrasound Probe Types and Their Fields of Application PDF
Ramona DE LUCA, Leonardo FORZONI, Francesca GELLI, Jeffrey BAMBER 3–15

Research Papers

New Theoretical Model for Mass Sensitivity of Love Wave Sensors PDF
Piotr KIEŁCZYŃSKI, Marek SZALEWSKI, Andrzej BALCERZAK, Krzysztof WIEJA 17–24
SAW Sensor with Langmuir-Blodgett Layer for Detection of Benzene and its Derivatives PDF
Andrzej BALCERZAK, Piotr KIEŁCZYŃSKI, Marek SZALEWSKI, Krzysztof WIEJA 25–30
The Effect of Sonication Parameters on the Thickness of the Produced MoS2 Nano-Flakes PDF
Najme Sadat TAGHAVI, Reza AFZALZADEH 31–40
Heart Rate Detection and Classification from Speech Spectral Features Using Machine Learning PDF
Mohammed USMAN, Mohammed ZUBAIR, Zeeshan AHMAD, Monji ZAIDI, Thafasal IJYAS, Muneer PARAYANGAT, Mohd WAJID, Mohammad SHIBLEE, Syed Jaffar ALI 41–53
Development of a Sound Quality Evaluation Model Based on an Optimal Analytic Wavelet Transform and an Artificial Neural Network PDF
Acoustic Source Localization Using Kernel-based Extreme Learning Machine in Distributed Microphone Array PDF
Rong WANG, Zhe CHEN, Fuliang YIN 67–78
Effect Analysis of Loudspeaker’s Placement Angle and Direction on Frequency Response and Sound Pressure Level in TV Applications PDF
Ibrahim DEMIREL 79–85
Analysis of a Geometrical-Stiffening Membrane Acoustic Metamaterial with Individually Tunable Multi-Frequencies PDF
Junjuan ZHAO, Xianhui LI, David THOMPSON, Yueyue WANG, Wenjiang WANG, Liying ZHU, Yunan LIU 87–93
Error Analysis of Sound Source Directivity Interpolation Based on Spherical Harmonics PDF
Experimental Study of Identifying Emission Sources of Acoustic Signals on the Cylinder Body of a Two-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine PDF
Xuan Thin DONG, Manh Hung NGUYEN 105–119
Analysis of Sound Field Distribution in Architecturally Diverse Temples PDF
Paweł BŁASZCZAK, Sylwia BERDOWSKA, Janusz Marek BERDOWSKI 121–133
Acoustic Panels Inspired by Nature PDF
Bartłomiej Dariusz BORKOWSKI, Katarzyna SUDER-DEBSKA, Jerzy WICIAK, Anna Maria SZLACHTA 135–146
Soundscapes of Urban Parks in Cities with Populations of Over 100,000 in the Silesian Voivodeship PDF
Magdalena MITERSKA, Janusz KOMPAŁA 147–154
Structural Equation Model-Based Selection and Strength Co-Relation of Variables for Work Performance Efficiency Under Traffic Noise Exposure PDF
Manoj Mansing YADAV, Bhaven TANDEL 155–166
Assessment of Occupational Risk in the Case of the Ultrasonic Noise Exposure PDF
Dariusz PLEBAN, Bożena SMAGOWSKA, Jan RADOSZ 167–175

Technical Notes

Influence of Overpressure Breathing on Vowel Formant Frequencies PDF
Milan VOJNOVIĆ, Miomir MIJIĆ, Dragana ŠUMARAC PAVLOVIĆ, Nebojša VOJNOVIĆ 177–181
Study on Sound Transmission across a Floating Floor in a Residential Building by Using SEA PDF
Xianfeng HUANG, Yimin LU, Chen QU, Chenhui ZHU 183–194