e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 45, No 1 (2020)

Research Papers

Effect of Emergence Angle on Acoustic Transmission in a Shallow Sea PDF
Yanyang LU, Kunde YANG, Hong LIU, Chunlong HUANG 3–9
Shallow Water Experiment of OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications PDF
Dispersion Curves of Love Waves in Elastic Waveguides Loaded with a Newtonian Liquid Layer of Finite Thickness PDF
Piotr KIEŁCZYŃSKI, Marek SZALEWSKI, Andrzej BALCERZAK, Krzysztof WIEJA 19–27
Influence of Environment Conditions on Ultrasonic and Electrostatic Precipitation of Aerosols of Wood Flour PDF
Maria Yur'evna STEPKINA, Olga Borisovna KUDRYASHOVA, Alexandra Alexandrovna ANTONNIKOVA 29–34
Repetitive Acoustic Streaming Patterns in Sinusoidal Shaped Microchannels PDF
Elnaz JANNESAR, Hossein HAMZEHPOUR 35–48
Investigation on the Effects of Acoustic Liner Variation and Geometry Discontinuities on the Acoustic Performance of Lined Ducts PDF
Raja DHIEF, Amine MAKNI, Mohamed TAKTAK, Mabrouk CHAABANE, Mohamed HADDAR 49–66
Method for Calculating the Sound Absorption Coefficient for a Variable Range of Incidence Angles PDF
Sergio Alfio YORI 67–75
Radiation of Sound Waves by a Semi-Infinite Duct with Outer Lining and Perforated End PDF
Burhan TIRYAKIOGLU 77–84
Analysis of the Room Acoustic with Impedance Boundary Conditions in the Full Range of Acoustic Frequencies PDF
Edyta PRĘDKA, Adam Jan BRANSKI 85–92
The Assessment of Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Impact on the Results of Learning in Primary School – Case Study PDF
Adam ZAGUBIEŃ, Katarzyna WOLNIEWICZ 93–102
Side Effect of the Use of Acoustic Barriers Observed in the Infra Range PDF
Andrzej Czesław STANIEK, Cezary BARTMAŃSKI 103–110
Use of Acoustic Camera for Noise Sources Localization and Noise Reduction in the Industrial Plant PDF
Wiesław FIEBIG, Damian DĄBROWSKI 111–117
Influence of Double-Panel Structure Modification on Vibroacoustical Properties of a Rigid Device Casing PDF
Anna CHRAPOŃSKA, Jarosław RZEPECKI, Krzysztof MAZUR, Stanisław WRONA, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 119–127
Analysis of Features and Classifiers in Emotion Recognition Systems: Case Study of Slavic Languages PDF
Željko NEDELJKOVIĆ, Milana MILOŠEVIĆ, Željko ĐUROVIĆ 129–140
A Classification Method Related to Respiratory Disorder Events Based on Acoustical Analysis of Snoring PDF
Can WANG, Jianxin PENG, Xiaowen ZHANG 141–151

Technical Notes

Acoustic Characterization of a Room: Study Case Between Simulation and a Portable Method PDF
Analysis of the Usefulness of Measurement on a Board at Ground Level for Assessing the Noise Level from a Wind Turbine PDF
Tadeusz WSZOŁEK, Paweł PAWLIK, Dominik MLECZKO, Jagna CHRONOWSKA 165–175

In Memoriam

In memoriam - prof. Krzysztof Marasek (1958-2019) PDF
Ryszard GUBRYNOWICZ 177–178