e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 39, No 3 (2014)

In Memoriam

Professor Jerzy Sadowski 1924–2014 PDF
Barbara SZUDROWICZ 299-302


The 50th Anniversary of the Committee on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences PDF
Andrzej RAKOWSKI, Antoni ŚLIWINSKI 303-306

Review Papers

Virtual Acoustics PDF
Michael VORLÄNDER 307-318
Dolphin-Inspired Target Detection for Sonar and Radar PDF
Timothy Grant LEIGHTON, Paul Robert WHITE 319-332
Electric Vehicles and Urban Noise Control Policies PDF
Luigi MAFFEI, Massimiliano MASULLO 333-341

Research Papers

Sensitivity Analysis of Acoustic Field Parameters on a Change of Boundary Conditions in a Room PDF
Katarzyna SUDER-DĘBSKA, Ireneusz CZAJKA, Mateusz CZECHOWSKI 343-350
Experiments and FE Analyses on Airborne Sound Properties of Composite Structural Insulated Panels PDF
Simulated Sound-Fields in a Multi-Configurable Auditorium PDF
Pedro BUSTAMANTE, Sara GIRÓN, Teófilo ZAMARREÑO 365-383
Acoustical Analysis of Enclosure as Initial Approach to Vehicle Induced Noise Analysis Comparatevely Using STFT and Wavelets PDF
Andrzej BŁAŻEJEWSKI, Piotr KOZIOŁ, Maciej ŁUCZAK 385-394
Design of Acoustic Tubes Array and Application to Measuring Acoustic Loads in Supersonic Airflow PDF
Long WEI, Min LI, Qiang FU, Yue FAN, Debin YANG 395-402
Standing Waves and Acoustic Heating (or Cooling) in Resonators Filled with Chemically Reacting Gas PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA, Weronika PELC-GARSKA 403-410
Two-Microphone Dereverberation for Automatic Speech Recognition of Polish PDF
Mikolaj KUNDEGORSKI, Philip J.B. JACKSON, Bartosz ZIÓŁKO 411-420

Book reviews

Leo L. Beranek and Tim J. Mellow, Acoustics – Sound Fields and Transducers, Elsevier – Academic Press 2012 PDF
Andrzej DOBRUCKI 421-423