e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 41, No 2 (2016)

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Research Papers

Roughness Prediction Based on a Model of Cochlear Hydrodynamics PDF
Václav VENCOVSKÝ 189–201
Analysing Sound Environment and Architectural Characteristics of Libraries through Indoor Soundscape Framework PDF
Papatya Nur DOKMECI YORUKOGLU, Jian KANG 203–212
Chinese Word Identification and Sentence Intelligibility in Primary School Classrooms PDF
Jianxin PENG, Peng JIANG 213–219
Noise Annoyance Caused by Amplitude Modulated Sounds Resembling the Main Characteristics of Temporal Wind Turbine Noise PDF
Honorata Zofia HAFKE-DYS, Anna PREIS, Tomasz KACZMAREK, Adam BINIAKOWSKI, Paweł KLEKA 221–232
Detection of Sentence Boundaries in Polish Based on Acoustic Cues PDF
Magdalena IGRAS, Bartosz ZIÓŁKO 233–243
A Signal Subspace Speech Enhancement Approach Based on Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Matrix Decomposition PDF
Chengli SUN, Jianxiao XIE, Yan LENG 245–254
Speech Recognition in an Enclosure with a Long Reverberation Time PDF
Jedrzej KOCINSKI, Edward OZIMEK 255–264
Study on Descriptors of Acoustic Emission Signals Generated by Partial Discharges under Laboratory Conditions and in On-Site Electrical Power Transformer PDF
Michał KUNICKI, Andrzej CICHOŃ, Sebastian BORUCKI 265–276
Noise Control Transmission Methods of the Combustion Engine by Means of Reduction of the Vibration PDF
Stanislav ŽIARAN, Ondrej CHLEBO 277–284
Vibroacoustic Measurements and Simulations Applied to External Gear Pumps. An Integrated Simplified Approach PDF
Eleonora CARLETTI, Giuseppe MICCOLI, Francesca PEDRIELLI, Giorgio PARISE 285–296
Performance of Noise Map Service Working in Cloud Computing Environment PDF
Karolina MARCINIUK, Maciej SZCZODRAK, Bożena KOSTEK 297–302
Simultaneous Analysis of Vibrations and Noise in the Task of Minimizing Vibroacoustic Activity of Machines PDF
Zbigniew DĄBROWSKI, Jacek DZIURDŹ 303–308
Traffic Noise Models for Curved Roads PDF
Diana Ioana POPESCU, Ioan COSMA 309–314
Internal Model Control for a Light-Weight Active Noise-Reducing Casing PDF
Krzysztof MAZUR, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 315–322
Perception of Changes in Spectrum and Envelope of Musical Signals vs Auditory Fatigue PDF
Maurycy KIN, Andrzej Dobrucki 323–330
On the Noise Hazard Assessment within the Intermediate Range of the High Audible and the Low Ultrasonic Frequencies PDF
Antoni ŚLIWIŃSKI 331–338

Technical Notes

Assessment of Exposure to Noise of Workers to a Reinforcing Bar Rod Mill ArcelorMittal Algeria PDF
Wahiba MEDDEB, Kamel TADJINE 339–344
Acoustic Diagnostics Applications in the Study of Technical Condition of Combustion Engine PDF


Doctor Honoris Causa of the Adam Mickiewicz University for Professor Brian C.J. Moore PDF
Aleksander SĘK 351–354
The 10th EAA International Symposium on Hydroacoustics PDF
The 10th EAA International Symposium on Hydroacoustics 355–373
XVII International Conference Noise Control 2016 PDF
XVII International Conference Noise Control 2016 375–397