e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 10, No 4 (1985)

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Research Papers

Active systems in the vibration control of heavy machine driver's seats PDF
I. Ballo, N. Szuttor 319-326
Comparison of prediction methods for road traffic noise PDF
L. Czabalay, L. Sarvari 327-334
Analysis of directional radiation patterns of a system of flat plane sound sources PDF
Zbigniew Engel, Lesław Strychniewicz 335-344
Active noise and vibration control (anvc): current trends, permanent aims and future possibilities PDF
Maurice Jessel 345-358
Sound insulation requirements in office buildings and schools PDF
J. Lang 357-362
Diagnostics is a proper field for noise control engineers PDF
Richard H. Lyon 363-368
Simple estimation methods for noise reduction by variously shaped barriers PDF
Z. Maekawa 369 -382
Some considerations on common noise criteria PDF
H. Myncke 383-400
Verification tests of a method of determining sound intensity with the application of a two microphone technique PDF
Ryszard Panuszka, Jacek Cieślik 401-410
Reverberation times and reverberation levels PDF
V. M. A. Peutz 411-426
Using the energy accountancy equation to modify punch design in presses PDF
E. J. Richards 427-438
Acoustic problems in multi-storey residential buildings raised by means of industrialized technology methods PDF
Jerzy Sadowski 447-466
Proceedings of the conference on noise suppression noise Control 85 PDF


The conference on prospects in modern acoustics education and development (how to teach acoustics ?) PDF
A. Śliwiński 467