e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 43, No 1 (2018)

Review Papers

Application of Teager Energy Operator on Linear and Mel Scales for Whispered Speech Recognition PDF
Branko R MARKOVIĆ, Jovan GALIĆ, Miomir MIJIĆ 3–9

Research Papers

Dispersion of Rayleigh Waves in a Microstructural Couple Stress Substrate Loaded with Liquid Layer Under the Effects of Gravity PDF
Vikas SHARMA, Satish KUMAR 11–20
Nonlinear Excitation of the Non-Wave Perturbations by the Magnetoacoustic Waves in the Non-Isentropic Plasma PDF
A Numerical Study of The Heat Transfer Intensification Using High Amplitude Acoustic Waves PDF
Sebastian RULIK, Włodzimierz WRÓBLEWSKI 31–47
Sound Radiation by a Cylindrical Open Cavity with a Surface Source at the Bottom PDF
Krzysztof SZEMELA 49–60
Sedimentation of a Fine Aerosol in the Acoustic Field and with the Electrostatic Charge of Particles PDF
Maria Yurievna STEPKINA, Olga Borisovna KUDRYASHOVA, Alexandra Alexandrovna ANTONNIKOVA 69–73
Nonsingular Meshless Method in an Acoustic Indoor Problem PDF
Adam BRANSKI, Edyta PREDKA 75–82
Numerical Study of Acoustic-Structure Interaction of Selected Helicoidal Resonator with Flexible Helicoidal Profile PDF
Wojciech ŁAPKA 83–92
Identification of Sound Power Levels and Surface Absorption Coefficients in Multi-Source Industrial Buildings by Using a Simplified Diffusion Model PDF
Martín E. SEQUEIRA, Víctor H. CORTÍNEZ 93–102
Noise Monitoring Networks as Tools for Smart City Decision-Making PDF
Rafael SÁNCHEZ-SÁNCHEZ, Juan Carlos FORTES-GARRIDO, Juan Pedro BOLÍVAR 103–112
Assessment of Heterogeneous Road Traffic Noise in Nagpur PDF
Satish Krishna LOKHANDE, Samir S. PATHAK, Piyush A. KOKATE, Satyajeet A. DHAWALE, Ghanshyam L. BODHE 113–121
The Effects of the Noise and Reverberation on the Working Memory Span of Children PDF
Peng JIANXIN, Jiang PENG 123–128
Speech Intelligibility Test for Polish Language – Relation to the Acoustic Properties of Classrooms and Comparison to Other Languages PDF
Jan RADOSZ 129–135
The Influence of a Single Therapeutic Dose of Methadone on Selected Auditory Functions in Patients Addicted to Opioids and Undergoing Substitution Therapy – a Preliminary Study PDF
Emilia TARNOWSKA, Andrzej WICHER, Aleksander SĘK, Edward Jacek GORZELANCZYK 137–146