e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 44, No 2 (2019)

Review Papers

Tire and Engine Sources Contribution to Vehicle Interior Noise and Vibration Exposure Levels PDF
Shawki ABOUEL-SEOUD 201–214
Review of Lattice Boltzmann Method Applied to Computational Aeroacoustics PDF
Weidong SHAO, Jun LI 215–238

Research Papers

Sound Wave Radiation from Partially Lined Duct PDF
Burhan TIRYAKIOGLU, Ahmet DEMIR 239–249
Effect of Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions on Distance Perception in Virtual Reproduction for a Nearby Sound Source PDF
Guangzheng YU, Liliang WANG 251–258
An Improved MSA Model for Evaluating the Sound Transmission Loss of a Rectangular Plate for Diffuse Field Incidence PDF
Myong-Jin KIM, Kyong-Su WON, Chol-Su RI 259–265
Application of Acoustic Signals for Rectifier Fault Detection in Brushless Synchronous Generator PDF
Mehdi RAHNAMA, Abolfazl VAHEDI 267–276
Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Voice Fundamental Frequency PDF
Teodora DIMITROVA-GREKOW, Aneta KLIS, Magdalena IGRAS-CYBULSKA 277–286
Real-Time Vocal Tract Model for Elongation of Segment Lengths in a Waveguide Model PDF
Tahir Mushtaq QURESHI, Muhammad ISHAQ 287–300
A Study of Directional Patterns of Ultrasonic Parametric Array PDF
Denis Sergeevich RAKOV, Aleksandr S. RAKOV, Andrey N. KUDRYAVTSEV, Nikolay P. KRASNENKO, Yury A. CHURSIN, Maksim A. MURIN 301–307
Vibration Analysis of a Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Uniform and Tapered Composite Beams PDF
Ananda BABU ARUMUGAM, Vasudevan RAJAMOHAN, Naresh BANDARU, Edwin SUDHAGAR P., Surajkumar G. KUMBHAR 309–320
Impact of Boundary Conditions on Acoustic Excitation of Entropy Perturbations in a Bounded Volume of Newtonian Gas PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA 321–328
Application of Ultrasonic Methods for Evaluation of High-Pressure Physicochemical Parameters of Liquids PDF
Piotr KIEŁCZYNSKI, Stanisław PTASZNIK, Marek SZALEWSKI, Andrzej BALCERZAK, Krzysztof WIEJA, Aleksander J. ROSTOCKI 329–337
Variability of the Acoustic Emission Signals Generated by Partial Discharges in Mineral Oil PDF
Michał KUNICKI 339–348
Selection of Exposure Parameters for a HIFU Ablation System Using an Array of Thermocouples and Numerical Simulations PDF
Łukasz FURA, Tamara KUJAWSKA 349–355
Separation of Cells From Plasma by Means of Ultrasonics PDF
Andrzej WŁOCH, Henryka CZYŻ, Tadeusz JASINSKI 357–363
Statistical Optimization of Underwater Lower-Frequency Sound Insulation for Locally Resonant Sonic Material Using Genetic Algorithm PDF
Bo YUAN, Yong CHEN, Bilian TAN, Bo LI 365–374
Methods to Estimate the Channel Delay Profile and Doppler Spectrum of Shallow Underwater Acoustic Channels PDF
Van Duc NGUYEN, Tien Hoa NGUYEN, Hoa Xuan Thi HO 375–383

Technical Notes

On Suitability of Day-Night Average Sound Level Descriptor in Indian Scenario PDF
Naveen GARG 385–392


48th Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics XLVIIth Winter School on Environmental Acoustics and Vibroacoustics Szczyrk, Poland, 25.02–01.03.2019 PDF
Winter Schools on Acoustics 393–401
International Symposium on Fluid Acoustics IFA2019 Sopot, Poland, May 20–22, 2019 PDF
IFA 2019 403–416