Archives of Acoustics, 44, 2, pp. 339–348, 2019

Variability of the Acoustic Emission Signals Generated by Partial Discharges in Mineral Oil

Opole University of Technology

The main purpose of the presented research is to investigate the partial discharge (PD) phenomenon variability under long-term AC voltage with particular consideration of the selected physical quantities changes while measured and registered by acoustic emission method (AE). During the research a PD model source generating surface discharges is immersed in the brand new insulation mineral oil. Acoustic signals generated by the continuously occurred PDs within 168 hours are registered. Several qualitative and quantitative indicators are assigned to describe the PD variability in time. Furthermore some long-term characteristics of the applied PD model source in mineral oil, are also presented according to acoustic signals emitted by the PD. Finally various statistical tools are applied for the results analysis and presentation. Despite there are numerous contemporary research papers dealing with long-term PD analysis, such complementary and multiparametric approach has not been presented so far, regarding the presented research. According to the presented research from among all assigned indicators there are discriminated descriptors that could depend on PD long-term duration. On the grounds of the regression models analysis there are discovered trends that potentially allow to apply the results for modeling of the PD variability in time using acoustic emission method. Subsequently such an approach may potentially support the development and extend the abilities of the diagnostic tools and maintenance policy in electrical power industry.
Keywords: acoustic emission; partial discharge; insulation system; measurements; signal processing
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DOI: 10.24425/aoa.2019.128497