e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 25, No 1 (2000)


The output of the fifty years' scientific activity of Prof. Dr. Jerzy Ranachowski PDF
I. Malecki
Acoustic emission in PZT ceramic in poling process PDF
M. Aleksiejuk
Study of the elastic properties of the lithium tantalate crystal by the Brillouin laser light scattering PDF
T. Błachowicz
The influence of preparation conditions on the electro-acoustic properties of the PZT-type piezoceramic sensors PDF
J. Dudek, L. Kozielski, Z. Surowiak, M. F. Kupriyanov
Application of the frequency analysis of acoustic emission in the study of the metal alloy solidification PDF
M. Golec, Z. Golec
Application of acoustic emission for determination of initial temperature of casting mould PDF
M. Golec, Z. Golec, M. Hajkowski
Determination of initiating and critical stress levels in compressed plain and high-strength concrete by acoustic methods PDF
J. Hoła
The analysis of the influence of the thermal shocks on acoustic emission signal generated in cordierite ceramics PDF
Z. Ranachowski, P. Ranachowski
Directional characteristics of a planar annular plate for axially-symmetric free vibrations PDF
W. P. Rdzanek, Z. Engel
The possibility of applying of acoustic methods for the monitoring of sol-gel processes PDF
J. Rzeszotarska, J. Ranachowski
Acoustic emission of the Briggs-Rauscher oscillatory reaction: effect of stirring PDF
J. Rzeszotarska, F. R. Rejmund
Scientific and engineering problems facing Polish acousticians fifty years ago PDF
I. Malecki
Current trends of the works on acoustics presented at the XLVI Open Seminar on Acoustics OSA'99 PDF
R. Panuszka, M. Iwaniec