Print ISSN: 0137-5075, Online ISSN: 2300-262X

Vol 18, No 2 (1993)

Foreword PDF

Research Papers

Active vibration control systems for driver's seat of earth-moving vehicles PDF
I. Ballo 183-195
Influence of reverberation field conditions on sound power evaluation with the aid of intensity method PDF
J. Cieślik, R. Panuszka 197-207
Characterization of sound absorbing materials used in noise control engineering PDF
A. Cops, W. Lauriks 209-248
Analysis of parameters influencing the noise emitted by high-voltage power transmission lines PDF
Z. Engel, T. Wszołek 249-260
Bank-limited noise interference in loudspeaker systems PDF
T. Fidecki 263-279
Application of simulation methods to evaluation of accoustic features and design of adaptation of the concert hall of Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra PDF
A. Gołaś, J. Wierzbicki 281-296
Influence of the acoustic-structural couplings upon free vibrations of mechanical systems PDF
J. Horáček, I. Zolotarev 297-309
Piezomagnetic and ultrasonic properties of the Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B metallic glass after heat-treatment PDF
Z. Kaczkowski, L. Małkiński, M. Müller 311-321
Oversampling analog to digital conversion in acoustic measurements PDF
P. Kleczkowski 323-335
Noise reduction problems of vibratory machines PDF
J. Michalczyk 337-349
Short-term memory for pitch investigated with vocal matchings PDF
A. Rakowski 351-357
Radiation efficiency characteristics estimated by sound intensity method PDF
S. Weyna 359-368
Ultrasonic investigations of the relaxation processes -0 related to the presence of the group – C = 0-NH in molecules \NH PDF
Zofia Bartynowska-Meus, Adam Juszkiewicz 113-118
Detection of low intensity auditory evoked responses PDF
F. Grandori 131-138