e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 40, No 1 (2015)

Research Papers

An Approach to Design Broadband Air Backed Piezoelectric Sensor PDF
Mohamed Galal Sayed ALI, Nour Zaky ELSAYED, Ebtsam Ali EID 3–10
A Dedispersion Transform Method for Extracting the Normal Modes of a Shallow Water Acoustic Signal in the Pekeris Waveguide PDF
Guang-Bing YANG, Lian-Gang LÜ, Da-Zhi GAO, Ying JIANG, Hong-Ning LIU 11–18
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Response of a SAW Structure with WO3 Layers on Action of Carbon Monoxide PDF
Tomasz HEJCZYK, Marian URBAŃCZYK†, Tadeusz PUSTELNY, Wieslaw JAKUBIK 19–24
Phase Autocorrelation Bark Wavelet Transform (PACWT) Features for Robust Speech Recognition PDF
Sayf A. MAJEED, Hafizah HUSAIN, Salina Abd. SAMAD 25–31
A Revised Sound Energy Theory Based on a New Formula for the Reverberation Radius in Rooms with Non-Diffuse Sound Field PDF
Higini ARAU-PUCHADES, Umberto BERARDI 33–40
The Influence of the Semantic Material on the Assessment of Speech Reception Threshold PDF
Magdalena KRENZ, Andrzej WICHER, Aleksander SĘK 41–50
Speech Intelligibility in Rooms with and without an Induction Loop for Hearing Aid Users PDF
Jedrzej KOCIŃSKI, Edward OZIMEK 51–58
Application of Piezofilms for Excitation and Active Damping of Blade Flexural Vibration PDF
Ludek PESEK, Ladislav PUST, Vitezslav BULA, Jan CIBULKA 59–69
Evaluation of the Effect of a Step Change in Piezo Actuator Structure on Vibration Reduction Level in Plates PDF
An Influence of Directional Microphones on the Speech Intelligibility and Spatial Perception by Cochlear Implant Users PDF
Monika KORDUS, Richard S. TYLER, Jan ŻERA, Jacob J. OLESON 81–92
Modeling and Designing of Ultrasonic Welding Systems PDF
Andrzej MILEWSKI, Piotr KLUK, Witold KARDYŚ, Paweł KOGUT 93–99
An Active Functionally Graded Piezocomposite Plate Subjected to a Stochastic Pressure PDF

Technical Notes

Earmuff Noise Leakage Measurements and Evaluation PDF
Samir Nagi Yousri GERGES, Rafael Nagi Cruz GERGES, Roberto Alexandre DIAS 109–115
Effect of Liner Characteristics on the Acoustic Performance of Duct Systems PDF
Chokri OTHMANI, Taissir HENTATI, Mohamed TAKTAK, Tamer ELNADY, Tahar FAKHFAKH, Mohamed HADDAR 117–127
Development and Research of Concentrator-Sonotrode with Increased Radiating Surface PDF
Sergei KHMELEV, Vladimir KHMELEV, Roman GOLYKH, Andrey SHALUNOV 129–135
The Comprehensive Research of the Road Acoustic Screen with Absorbing and Diffusing Surface PDF
Tadeusz Marek KAMISIŃSKI, Roman KINASZ, Agata SZELĄG, Jarosław RUBACHA, Adam PILCH, Artur FLACH, Katarzyna BARUCH 137–144


43rd Winter School on Vibroacoustical Hazards Suppressions PDF
Roman BUKOWSKI 145–146