e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 14, No 3-4 (1989)

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Research Papers

A-weighted sound pressure level calculation in the dissipative atmosphere PDF
Krystyna Berezowska-Apolinarska, Rufin Makarewicz 145-160
An ultrasonic calorimeter for propagation parameter measurement PDF
R. C. Chivers, S. Reantragoon 161-172
Deviation of the acoustic pressure to particle velocity ratio from the ec value in liquids and solids at high pressures PDF
Leszek Filipczyński, Anna Grabowska 173-179
Acoustical shadow of a sphere immersed in water. II PDF
Leszek Filipczyński, Tamara Kujawska 181-190
Application of the electric probe to the investigation of surface wave in piezoelectrics PDF
Jerzy Filipiak 191-202
Application of digital technique to the spectral analysis of Mandelshtam-Brjllouin scattered light PDF
Tomasz Hornowski, Mikołaj Łabowski 203-210
Liquid-phase oxidation of hydroxylamine with ultrasonic irradiation PDF
Andrzej Janowski, Jadwiga Rzeszotarska 211-216
Molal volume and compressibility of aqueous non-electrolyte solutions PDF
Adam Juszkiewicz 217-229
The effect of impurities on acoustic properties of gallium phosphide PDF
Zygmunt Kleszczewski 231-240
Comments on the molecular mechanism of acoustic wave propagation in simple liquids PDF
Franciszek Kuczera, Joachim Gmyrek 241-251
Investigations concerning fast surface states of semiconductors by means of acoustic methods PDF
Aleksander Opilski, Tadeusz Pustelny 253-260
Acoustic activity of some metals determined by the acoustic emission method PDF
S. Pilecki, J. Siedlaczek 261-281
Acoustic properties of gas bubbles coated with monolayers of oil substance1 PDF
Stanisław J. Pogorzelski, Khalifa S. Saeid 283-292
A noninvasive ultrasonic method for vascular input impedance determination applied in diagnosis of the carotid arteries PDF
Tadeusz Powałowski 293-312