e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 13, No 1-2 (1988)

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Review Papers

Review of the transmission of sound from air to water PDF
H. W. Jones, H. W. Kwan 3-11

Research Papers

Scanning acoustic microscopy of polymeric materials and biological substances PDF
Roman Gr. Mayev 13-43
An acoustic microprobe PDF
Jerzy Litniewski 45-53
Timbre differences of an individual voice in solo and in choral singing PDF
Tomasz Łętowski, Lidia Zimak, Halina Ciołkosz-Łupinowa 55-65
Real time signal processing techniques in a dual beam sonar system for fish stock assessment PDF
R. S. Mitchell, A. Stepnowski, J. Drobnik, D. R. Green 67-88
Ultrasonic system for noninvasive measurement of hemodynamic parameters of human arterial-vascular system PDF
Tadeusz Powałowski 89-108
A noninvasive ultrasonic method for the elasticity evaluation of the carotid arteries and its application in the diagnosis of the cerebro-vascular system PDF
Tadeusz Powałowski, Bogumił Peńsko 109-126
Evaluation of a computer-model for pvdf-transducers of arbitrary configuration PDF
Jan Somer, Jan Corsel, Hans Vandervoort 127-135
Impedance of the semi-infinite unraffled cylindrical wave-guide outlet PDF
A. Snakowska, R. Wyrzykowski 137-145
Intonation of tone scales: psychoacoustic considerations PDF
Ernst Terhardt 147-156
Half-plane edge and right angle wedge as elements causing diffraction in urban area PDF
Elżbieta Walerian 157-189
Determination of circular membrane parameters from its resonance frequencies PDF
Mariusz Ziółko 191-202