e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 48, No 4 (2023)

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In Memoriam

Professor Janusz Wójcik PDF
Barbara GAMBIN, Andrzej NOWICKI 463–464

Research Papers

Modulation Mechanism of Acoustic Scattering in Underwater Corner Reflectors with Acoustic Metasurfaces PDF
Jiaman DU, Zilong PENG, Lili GE, Shijin LYU, Fulin ZHOU, Yan LIU 465–473
Research on the Performance Optimization of Turbulent Self-Noise Suppression and Sound Transmission of Acoustic Windows Made from Functionally Graded Material PDF
Bing LI, Fu-Lin ZHOU, Jun FAN, Bin WANG, Liwen TAN 475–495
Investigation of the Acoustic Properties of a Metamaterial with a Multi-Ring Structure PDF
Impulse Excitation in a Watertight Steel Circular Cylindrical Shell and Influence of Structural Configuration on Underwater Radiated Noise PDF
Chen-I WU, Gee-Pinn TOO, Bo-Hsien WU 509–521
Laboratory Tests and Numerical Simulations of Two Anti-Vibration Structures Made by 3D Printing – Comparative Research PDF
Piotr KOWALSKI, Adrian ALIKOWSKI 523–527
A Multi-Layer Micro-Perforated Panel Structure Based on Curled Space for Broadband Sound Absorption at Low Frequencies PDF
Jiaming CHU, Xiao LIANG, Zhen YANG, Haofeng LIANG, Tao CHEN, Liang SU, Zhuo ZHOU 529–538
Evaluation Of the Sedimentation Process in the Thickener by Using the Parameters of Longitudinal Ultrasonic Oscillations and Lamb Waves PDF
Vladimir MORKUN, Natalia MORKUN, Vitalii TRON, Oleksandra SERDIUK, Alona HAPONENKO 539–548
Algorithm for Computationally Efficient Imaging of Sound Speed in Conventional Ultrasound Sonography PDF
Piotr KARWAT 549–558
3D Synthetic Aperture Imaging Method in Spectrum Domain for Low-Cost Portable Ultrasound Systems PDF
Jurij TASINKIEWICZ 559–572
A Proposal Concerning Assessment of Alternative Cityscape Designs with Audiovisual Comfort and Health of Inhabitants PDF
Agnieszka OZGA, Jacek WIERZBICKI, Dominik MLECZKO 573–583
Quality Evaluation of Speech Transmission via Two-way BPL-PLC Voice Communication System in an Underground Mine PDF
Przemysław FALKOWSKI-GILSKI, Grzegorz DEBITA 585–592
Removal of Fouling from Steel Plate Surfaces Based on Multi-Frequency Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Guided Wave Technology PDF
Mingkun HUANG, Shuo JIN, Gaoqian NIE, Xiaopeng WANG, Quanpeng ZHANG, Yang AN, Zhigang QU, Wuliang YIN 593–601


LXIX Open Seminar on Acoustics Karpacz, Poland, September 25 – 29, 2023 PDF
LXIX Open Seminar on Acoustics 603–627