e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 34, No 4 (2009)

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Professor Mack A. Breazeale PDF
Antoni ŚLIWIŃSKI 405-406


Nonconscious Control of Voice Intensity During Vocalization PDF
Honorata HAFKE 407-414
Numerical Simulation for the Bell Directivity Patterns Determination PDF
Andrzej GOŁAŚ, Roman FILIPEK 415-427
The Domain of Pitch in Music PDF
Andrzej RAKOWSKI 429-443
Temperature Fields Induced by Low Power Focused Ultrasound in Soft Tissues During Gene Therapy. Numerical Predictions and Experimental Results PDF
Barbara GAMBIN, Tamara KUJAWSKA, Eleonora KRUGLENKO, Andrzej MIZERA, Andrzej NOWICKI 445-459
Spatial Resolution of Attenuation Imaging PDF
Ziemowit KLIMONDA, Jerzy LITNIEWSKI, Andrzej NOWICKI 461-470
Use of Quantitative Ultrasound to Measure Acoustic Properties of Human Skin PDF
Study of the Effect of the Orchestra Pit on the Acoustics of the Kraków Opera Hall PDF
Tadeusz KAMISIŃSKI, Mirosław BURKOT, Jarosław RUBACHA, Krzysztof BRAWATA 481-490
Application of Hilbert Transform-Based Methodology to Computer Modelling of Reverberant Sound Decay in Irregularly Shaped Rooms PDF
Mirosław MEISSNER 491-506
Modelling and Vibration Control of Planar Systems by the Use of Piezoelectric Actuators PDF
Lucyna LENIOWSKA 507-519
Feedforward vs. Feedback Fixed-Parameter H2 Control of Non-Stationary Noise PDF
Mariusz LATOS, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 521-535
Insertion Loss of Spiral Ducts - Measurements and Computations PDF
Wojciech ŁAPKA 537-545
Selected Factors Affecting Uncertainty of All-Weather Microphones Research PDF
Grażyna WSZOŁEK 547-557
A Multi-Channel System for Sound Control in the Open Space PDF
Wojciech CIESIELKA 559-577
Motor Nonlinearities in Electrodynamic Loudspeakers: Modelling and Measurement PDF
Benoit MERIT, Valérie LEMARQUAND, Guy LEMARQUAND, Andrzej DOBRUCKI 579-590
An Ironless Large Displacement Flat Piston Loudspeaker PDF
Mathias REMY, Guy LEMARQUAND, Gael GUYADER 591-599
Statistical Characteristics of the Damped Vibrations of a String Excited by Stochastic Forces PDF
Marian JABŁOŃSKI, Agnieszka OZGA 601-612
Self-Tuning Control with Regularized RLS Algorithm for Vibration Cancellation of a Circular Plate PDF
Lucyna LENIOWSKA, Paweł KOS 613-624
Acoustic Streaming Caused by Some Types of Aperiodic Sound. Buildup of Acoustic Streaming PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA, Paweł WOJDA 625-639
Structure and Ultrasonic Properties of Vanadium Tellurite Glasses Containing Copper Oxide PDF
Nadia S. ABD EL-AAL, Hesham A. AFIFI 641-654
Comparison of Acoustic Emission and Structure Degradation in Compressed Porcelain and Corundum Materials PDF
Przemysław RANACHOWSKI, Feliks REJMUND, Zbigniew RANACHOWSKI, Andrzej PAWEŁEK, Andrzej PIĄTKOWSKI 655-676
Blood Scattering Model for Pulsed Doppler PDF
Piotr KARWAT, Andrzej NOWICKI, Marcin LEWANDOWSKI 677-684
Synthetic Transmit Aperture in Ultrasound Imaging PDF
Ihor TROTS, Andrzej NOWICKI, Marcin LEWANDOWSKI 685-695
Experimental Study of Simultanoeus Transmission of a Light Wave and an Ultrasonic Wave in an Optical Fiber with the Use of a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer PDF
Sylwia MUC, Tadeusz GUDRA, Elżbieta BEREŚ-PAWLIK 697-714
Ultrasonic Characterization of Bi2(Te1-xSex)3 System PDF
Mohamed El-Sayed GAAFAR, Laila Ibrahim SOLIMAN, Samir Yousuf MARZOUK 715-725
Determination of Transport and Thermal Properties of Silicon Samples by the Phase-Lag and Sf/Sr Methods PDF
Łukasz CHROBAK, Mirosław MALIŃSKI 727-734
Transmission of Ultrasonic Waves in Optical Fibers with the Use of Sandwich Type Transducer PDF
Sylwia MUC 735-745