e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 41, No 4 (2016)

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In Memoriam – Professor Eugeniusz Jan DANICKI PDF

Research Papers

Loudness Scaling Test Based on Categorical Perception PDF
Bożena KOSTEK, Piotr ODYA, Piotr SUCHOMSKI 637–648
Analysis of the Possibility of Limiting the Impact of Ground Vibrations Caused During Demolition of a Towers on Environment PDF
Jan TARGOSZ, Jarosław BEDNARZ, Wojciech LISOWSKI 649–657
Everyday Exposure to Occupational/Non-Occupational Infrasound Noise in Our Life PDF
Adam ZAGUBIEŃ, Katarzyna WOLNIEWICZ 659–668
Laughter Classification Using Deep Rectifier Neural Networks with a Minimal Feature Subset PDF
Gábor GOSZTOLYA, András BEKE, Tilda NEUBERGER, László TÓTH 669–682
A Comparison of Handgun Shots, Balloon Bursts, and a Compressor Nozzle Hiss as Sound Sources for Reverberation Time Assessment PDF PDF
Piotr SZŁAPA, Marta BOROŃ, Jolanta ZACHARA, Wojciech MARCZAK 683–690
On the Nonlinear Distortions of Sound and its Coupling with Other Modes in a Gaseous Plasma with Finite Electric Conductivity in a Magnetic Field PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA 691–699
3D Acoustic Field Intensity Probe Design and Measurements PDF
Józef KOTUS, Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI, Bożena KOSTEK 701–711
Can DIPPR Database be Used for an Estimation of the Speed of Sound? A Case Study of Liquid Hydrocarbons PDF
Eugene B. POSTNIKOV 713–719
Mutual Clutter Suppression Techniques for FM Sonars PDF
Jacek MARSZAL, Mariusz RUDNICKI, Andrzej JEDEL, Roman SALAMON, Iwona KOCHAŃSKA 721–729
Stability Conditions for the Leaky LMS Algorithm Based on Control Theory Analysis PDF
Dariusz BISMOR, Marek PAWELCZYK 731–739
Technique for Measuring Spatial Distribution of the Surface Acoustic Wave Velocity in Metals PDF
Oleh MOKRYY, Oleksandr TSYRULNYK 741–746
Numerical Analysis of Sensitivity of SAW Structure to the Effect of Toxic Gases PDF
Tomasz HEJCZYK, Tadeusz PUSTELNY, Bartlomiej WSZOŁEK, Wieslaw JAKUBIK, Erwin MACIAK 747–755
Efficiency Increase of Wet Gas Cleaning from Dispersed Admixtures by the Application of Ultrasonic Fields PDF
Vladimir Nikolaevich KHMELEV, Andrey Viktorovich SHALUNOV, Roman Nikolaevich GOLYKH, Roman Sergeevich DOROVSKIKH, Viktor Alexandrovich NESTEROV, Sergei Sergeevich KHMELEV, Ksenija Viktorovna SHALUNOVA 757–771
Research and Medical Transcranial Doppler System PDF
Marcin LEWANDOWSKI, Mateusz WALCZAK, Piotr KARWAT, Beata WITEK, Paweł KARŁOWICZ 773–781
Simultaneous Analysis of Noise and Vibration of Machines in Vibroacoustic Diagnostics PDF
Zbigniew DĄBROWSKI, Jacek DZIURDŹ 783–789
Ultrasonic Measurement of Temperature Rise in Breast Cyst and in Neighbouring Tissues as a Method of Tissue Differentiation PDF
Barbara Jadwiga GAMBIN, Michał BYRA, Eleonora KRUGLENKO, Olga DOUBROVINA, Andrzej NOWICKI 791–798
Identification of Acoustic Emission Signals Originating from the Core Magnetization of Power Oil Transformer PDF
Aneta OLSZEWSKA, Franciszek WITOS 799–812

In Memoriam

In Memoriam – Professor Ignacy GLOZA PDF
Eugeniusz KOZACZKA, Grażyna GRELOWSKA 813–815
In Memoriam – Professor Czesław LEWA PDF
Antoni ŚLIWIŃSKI, Bogumił LINDE 817–818


Reviewers 2016 PDF
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