e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 39, No 2 (2014)

Research Papers

Effects of Acoustic Treatment on Music Teachers’ Exposure to Sound PDF
Emil KOZŁOWSKI, Rafał MŁYŃSKI 159-163
Parametric Sensitivity Analysis of Factors Affecting Sound Transmission Loss of Multi-Layered Building Elements Using Taguchi Method PDF
Naveen GARG, Anil KUMAR, Sagar MAJI 165-176
Vibrational Properties of Sundatang Soundboard PDF
Ronald Yusri BATAHONG, Jedol DAYOU, Semyung WANG, Jongsuh LEE 177-187
Diagnostics of Synchronous Motor Based on Analysis of Acoustic Signals with the use of Line Spectral Frequencies and K-nearest Neighbor Classifier PDF
Adam GLOWACZ 189-194
Statistical Analysis of the Equivalent Noise Level PDF
Wojciech BATKO, Bartosz PRZYSUCHA 195-198
Verification of the Calculation Assumptions Applied to Solutions of the Acoustic Measurements Uncertainty PDF
Wojciech BATKO, Renata BAL 199-202
Auditory Display Applied to Research in Music and Acoustics PDF
Bożena KOSTEK 203-214
Detection Range of Intercept Sonar for CWFM Signals PDF
Jacek MARSZAL, Roman SALAMON 215-230
Variable Ratio Sample Rate Conversion Based on Fractional Delay Filter PDF
Marek BLOK, Piotr DRÓZDA 231-242
Active Noise Control Using a Fuzzy Inference System Without Secondary Path Modelling PDF
Sebastian KURCZYK, Marek PAWELCZYK 243-248
A Numerical Approach to Calculate the Radiation Efficiency of Baffled Planar Structures Using the Far Field PDF
Mario A. GONZÁLEZ-MONTENEGRO, Roberto JORDAN, Arcanjo LENZI, Jorge P. ARENAS 249-260
Influence of the Inter Teeth Volumes on the Noise Generation in External Gear Pumps PDF
Wiesław FIEBIG 261-266
The Preparation of Soluble Cellouronic Acid Sodium Salt by 4-Acetamide-TEMPO Mediated Oxidation of Ultrasound-Pretreated Parenchyma Cellulose from Bagasse Pith PDF
Xin GAO, Keli CHEN, Heng ZHANG, Lincai PENG 267-275
Simultaneous Calibration of Multiple Microphones for Both Phase and Amplitude in an Impedance Tube PDF
Péter TÓTH, Christophe SCHRAM 277-287
Multi-Modal Acoustic Flow Decomposition Examined in a Hard Walled Cylindrical Duct PDF
Stefan WEYNA, Witold MICKIEWICZ 289-296