e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 16, No 3-4 (1991)

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Research Papers

Technology and acoustical properties of the ceramic high-temperature superconductors PDF
M. Aleksiejuk, J. Raabe, J. Ranachowski 387-412
Evaluation of the effectiveness of parameters of the global description of words in simple automatic speech recognition systems PDF
Cz. Basztura, W. Majewski, W. Barycki 413-432
Sound velocity and loss factor of polyurethane composites. Part I. PDF
W. Bandera, K. Pawlaczyk 433-449
Sound velocity and loss factor of polyurethane composites. Part II. PDF
W. Bandera, K. Pawlaczyk 451-460
Acoustic filters with two perforated tubes PDF
G. Brzózka 461-474
Algorithms for connected word recognition a global approach PDF
S. Grocholewski 475-487
Audibility of changes in spectral structure of saw-tooth stimuli PDF
H. Harajda, W. Mikiel 489-500
Use of anthropomorphic compressed breast phantoms for comparing ultrasound breast imagers PDF
E. Kelly-Fry, E. L. Madsen, G. R. Frank 501-511
Investigation of light diffraction on an ultrasonic wave in liquid nematic crystals PDF
M. Kosmol, S. Kowalewski, A. Śliwiński, I. Wojciechowska 513-530
The influence of a pressure medium on the accuracy of measurements in ultrasonic investigations of solids PDF
J. Królikowski, Z. Witczak 531-545
Acoustical adaptation of the Thessaloniki music-theatre PDF
G. Papanikolaou 547-557
A relaxation model of phonon gas interaction with an external field PDF
S. Piekarski 559-569
Acoustic scattering affected by monomolecular films spread over a wind-driven water surface PDF
S. J. Pogorzelski 571-579
Acoustic radiation of circular plate including the attenuation effect and influence of surroundings PDF
W. Rdzanek 581-590
Application of a vibrational impedance head to the measurement of the complex elastic modulus by the driving point impedance method PDF
W. Ziółkowski, A. Śliwiński 591-607