e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 39, No 4 (2014)

Review Papers

Ultrasonic Synthetic Apertures: Review PDF
Andrzej NOWICKI, Barbara GAMBIN 427-438
Underwater Acoustic Imaging of the Sea PDF
Grażyna GRELOWSKA, Eugeniusz KOZACZKA 439-452
Acoustical Boundary Elements: Theory and Virtual Experiments PDF
Rafael PISCOYA, Martin OCHMANN 453-465

Research Papers

Follow That Tune – Adaptive Approach to DTW-based Query-by-Humming System PDF
Bartłomiej STASIAK 467-476
Magnitude Modelling of HRTF Using Principal Component Analysis Applied to Complex Values PDF
Oscar Alberto RAMOS, Fabián Carlos TOMMASINI 477-482
Chinese Syllable and Phoneme Identification in Noise and Reverberation PDF
Jianxin PENG 483-488
An Assessment of High-Order-Mode Analysis and Shape Optimization of Expansion Chamber Mufflers PDF
Min-Chie CHIU, Ying-Chun CHANG 489-499
System for Automatic Transcription of Sessions of the Polish Senate PDF
Krzysztof MARASEK, Danijel KORŽINEK, Łukasz BROCKI 501-509
The Effect of Plate Discretization on Accuracy of the Sound Radiation Efficiency Measurements PDF
Karolina KOLBER, Anna SNAKOWSKA, Michał KOZUPA 511-518
Spatial and Frequency Compounding in Application to Attenuation Estimation in Tissue PDF
Ziemowit KLIMONDA, Jerzy LITNIEWSKI, Piotr KARWAT, Andrzej NOWICKI 519-527
A Multi-Level Robust and Perceptually Transparent Blind Audio Watermarking Scheme Using Wavelets PDF
Farooq HUSAIN, Omar FAROOQ, Ekrqam KHAN 529-539
Acoustic System of Determining the Instantaneous Volume of the Blood Part of the Ventricular Assist Device POLVAD-EXT PDF
Grzegorz KONIECZNY, Tadeusz PUSTELNY, Zbigniew OPILSKI, Maciej GAWLIKOWSKI 541-548
The Characteristic of Sound Reflections from Curved Reflective Panels PDF
Agata SZELĄG, Mirosława LEWIŃSKA, Tadeusz Marek KAMISIŃSKI, Jarosław RUBACHA, Adam PILCH 549-558
Ultrasonic Mammography with Circular Transducer Array PDF
Krzysztof J. OPIELIŃSKI, Piotr PRUCHNICKI, Tadeusz GUDRA 559-568
Circular Radon Transform Inversion Technique in Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound Imaging: an Ultrasound Phantom Evaluation PDF
Jurij TASINKEVYCH, Ihor TROTS 569-582
The Acoustics of the Catacombs PDF
Gino IANNACE, Amelia TREMATERRA, Ahmad QANDIL 583-590
Driver Filter Design for Software-implemented Loudspeaker Crossovers PDF
Shu-Nung YAO 591-597
Comparison of Formulas Obtained for Analytical and LQ Idea Approaches to Determine the Optimal Actuator Location in Active Multimodal Beam Vibration Reduction PDF
Elżbieta ŻOŁOPA, Adam BRAŃSKI 599-603
Control of Bending-Bending Coupled Vibrations of a Rotating Thin-Walled Composite Beam PDF
Jaroslaw LATALSKI, Marcin BOCHEŃSKI, Jerzy WARMIŃSKI 605-613
Optimal Design of Piezoelectric Actuators for Shunt Damping Techniques PDF
Marcus NEUBAUER 615-622
Modal Analysis of a Trapezoidal Violin Built after the Description of Félix Savart PDF
Tim DUERINCK, Ewa SKRODZKA, Bogumił B.J. LINDE 623-628
Classification of Music Genres Based on Music Separation into Harmonic and Drum Components PDF
Aldona ROSNER, Björn SCHULLER, Bożena KOSTEK 629-638
FEM Analysis of Active Reduction of Torsional Vibrations of Clamped-Free Beam by Piezoelectric Elements for Separated Modes PDF
Elżbieta AUGUSTYN, Marek S. KOZIEŃ, Michał PRĄCIK 639-644

Technical Notes

Optimization of Parameters for a Damped Oscillator Excited by a Sequence of Random Pulses PDF
Agnieszka OZGA 645-652
Identification of the Types of Measured Acoustic Modes Inside the Operator’s Cab in a Bulldozer PDF
Zygmunt Szczepan DZIECHCIOWSKI, Marek S. KOZIEŃ 653-663

In Memoriam

Professor Stefan ERNST PDF
Mirosław CHORAZEWSKI 665-666


Erratum – The 50th Anniversary of the Committee on Acoustics of the Polish Academy of Sciences PDF
Andrzej RAKOWSKI, Antoni ŚLIWIŃSKI 667