e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 16, No 1 (1991)

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Research Papers

Application of acoustoelectronic devices with reflective arrays to signal processing PDF
M. U. Alexandrov, V. I. Rogatchev, A. V. Yantchenko 5-9
Surface acoustic waves and devices PDF
B. A. Auld 11-30
New trends in quartz resonators developments and applications PDF
R. J. Besson 31-52
Measurement of quartz crystal resonators and filters in the production process PDF
W. J. McCartney 53-72
Spectral theory of natural unidirectionality of SPUDT for BG waves PDF
E. Danicki 73-78
Influence of a biasing stress on the SAW velocity on piezoelectric substrate PDF
D. Gafka 79-90
Elastic waves for miniaturized piezoelectric sensors: applications to physical quantity measurements and chemical direction PDF
D. Hauden 91-106
Nonlinear material properties of quartz determined by the resonator method PDF
C. K. Hruska 107-119
Monolithic crystal filters using lithium tantalate crystal PDF
I. Mateescu, G. Gackowska, G. Korony, C. Bora 121-126
Investigations on dielectric resonators for applications below 1 GHz PDF
M. Valentin, R. E. Elcheikh 127-136
Low consumption BVA resonators PDF
J. -P. Valentin 137-148
LiNbO3 dispersive filter with fan-shaped transducers and reflective arrays PDF
P. B. Viktorov, A. R. Zhezherin, L. P. Konovalova 149-156
A quartz resonator force transducer PDF
M. Werszko, 157-160
SAW filters with fan-shaped transducers PDF
S. A. Zabuzov, L. P. Konovalova, U. G. Smirnov 161-165
New method for the calculation of the temperature behaviour of the piezoelectric resonator parameters PDF
J. Zelenka 167-171
Nonlinearity of the frequency-temperature characteristics of LC-cut quartz resonators PDF
E. Żuchowski, M. Łysakowska 173-179


On the memory of R.W.B. Stephens PDF
A. S. Śliwiński 181