e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 47, No 3 (2022)

Research Papers

Research on the Acoustic Scattering Characteristics of Multi-Sections Conning Tower Geometries in Monostatic Configuration PDF
Lin-Jiang HAN, Hao SONG, Chang-Xiong CHEN, Xi-Rui PENG, Zi-Long PENG 307–317
Medial Vowel Temporal Acoustics in Arabic and Japanese Polysyllabic Words PDF
Yahya ALDHOLMI 319–329
Attenuation of Humming-Type Noise and Vibration in Vehicle HVAC System Using a Tuneable Dynamic Vibration Absorber PDF
Muhammad Safwan Abdul AZIZ, Ahmad Zhafran Ahmad MAZLAN, Mohd Hafiz Abdul SATAR, Muhammad Abdul Rahman PAIMAN, Mohd Zukhairi Abd GHAPAR 331–342
Impact of Wall Impedance Phase Angle on Indoor Sound Field and Reverberation Parameters Derived from Room Impulse Response PDF
Mirosław MEISSNER, Tomasz ZIELINSKI 343–353
About Unusual Diffraction and Thermal Self-Action of Magnetosonic Beam PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA 355–362
New Surface-Plasmon-Polariton-Like Acoustic Surface Waves at the Interface Between Two Semi-Infinite Media PDF
Piotr KIEŁCZYŃSKI 363–371
Ultrasonic Simulation Research of Two-Dimensional Distribution in Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow by Backscattering Method PDF
Jinhui FAN, Fei WANG 373–382
Comparison of Moving Average and Differential Operation for Wheeze Detection in Spectrograms PDF
Meng-Lun HSUEH, Jin-Peng CHEN, Bing-Yuh LU, Huey-Dong WU, Pei-Yi LIU 383–388
Ultrasonic Experimental Evaluation of the Numerical Model of the Internal Fluid Flow in the Kidney Cooling Jacket PDF
Barbara Jadwiga GAMBIN, Ilona KORCZAK-CEGIELSKA, Wojciech SECOMSKI, Eleonora KRUGLENKO, Andrzej NOWICKI 389–397
Mutually Orthogonal Golay Complementary Sequences in Medical Ultrasound Diagnostics. Experimental Study PDF
Ihor TROTS, Norbert ŻOŁEK, Yurij TASINKEVYCH, Janusz WÓJCIK 399–405
2D Modeling of Wave Propagation in Shallow Water by the Method of Characteristics PDF
Mohammad Reza KHALILABADI 407–412
The Effect of Cold Eddy on Acoustic Propagation (Case Study: Eddy in the Persian Gulf) PDF


68th Open Seminar on Acoustics September 12 – 16, 2022, Solina, Poland PDF
68th Open Seminar on Acoustics 425–442