e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 49, No 2 (2024)

In Memoriam

Professor Andrzej Stepnowski PDF
Roman SALAMON 151–152

Research Papers

Speech Emotion Recognition Using a Multi-Time-Scale Approach to Feature Aggregation and an Ensemble of SVM Classifiers PDF
Antonina STEFANOWSKA, Sławomir Krzysztof ZIELIŃSKI 153–168
Snoring Sound Recognition Using Multi-Channel Spectrograms PDF
Ziqiang YE, Jianxin PENG, Xiaowen ZHANG, Lijuan SONG 169–178
Statistical Metrics for the Temporal Acoustics of Durationally Contrastive Vocalics: A Proposal Tested with Data from Arabic and Japanese PDF
Yahya ALDHOLMI 179–188
Assessment Effects of Humidification of Guitars by Complexity Measures of the Sound Level During Sustain PDF
Robert STĘPIEŃ, Piotr WRZECIONO 189–197
Research on the Motion Features Model for Underwater Targets with Multiple Highlights and Multiple Micro-Motion Forms PDF
Tong-jing SUN, Zihan ZHOU, Dongliang PENG 199–208
A Hybrid Finite Element Method – Kirchhoff Approximation Method for Modeling Acoustic Scattering from an Underwater Vehicle Model with Alberich Coatings with Periodic Internal Cavities PDF
Fan YANG, Zilong PENG, Hao SONG, Yuhang TANG, Xuhong MIAO 209–219
Analysis of Bottom Reverberation Intensity Under Beam-Controlled Emission Conditions in Deep Water PDF
Guangying ZHENG, Xiaowei GUO, Fangwei ZHU, Fangyong WANG, Linlang BAI 221–231
Numerical Study on the Dynamics of a Charged Bubble in the Acoustic Field PDF
Liang LV, Fei LIU, Yawei LI 233–240
Effect of Acoustic Enclosure on the Sound Transmission Loss of Multi-Layered Micro-Perforated Plates PDF
Brahim EL KHARRAS, Mohammed GAROUM, Abdelmajid BYBI 241–254
Modeling of Acoustic Coupling of Ultrasonic Probes for High-Speed Rail Track Inspection PDF
Sławomir MACKIEWICZ, Zbigniew RANACHOWSKI, Tomasz KATZ, Tomasz DĘBOWSKI, Grzegorz STARZYŃSKI, Przemysław RANACHOWSKI 255–266
Improving Sound Insulation in Low Frequencies by a Three-Component Cladding Acoustic Metamaterial Panel PDF
Na TAN, Xiaowei YAN, Bingfei LIU 267–276
Comparative Analysis of Acoustic Emission Signals from On-Load Tap-Changers for Potential Detecting of Non-Simultaneous Operations PDF
Andrzej CICHOŃ, Sebastian BORUCKI, Michał WŁODARZ 277–286

Technical Notes

A Side Lobe Level Reduction Method Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm in a Uniform Arc Array PDF
Song-Il KANG, Kyong-Sim U, Kyong-Chol CHOE, Yong-Kwang RI, Hyok-Il KYE 287–295