e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 24, No 2 (1999)

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Research Papers

Exposures and hearing thresholds in music students due to training sessions PDF
A. Jaroszewski, T. Fidecki, P. Rogowski 111-118
High freqency hearing loss in percusion players PDF
P. Rogowski, A. Rakowski, A. Jaroszewski 119-128
Acoustic and magnetic properties of magnetic fluids PDF
A. Skumiel, T. Hornowski, A. Józefczak 129-144
Application of the road traffic noise model to urban systems PDF
E. Walerian, R. Janczur, M. Czechowicz 145-160
Higher-order singularities of the effective permittivity function PDF
W. Laprus 161-167
The influence of the reduction methods of the concrete hardening time on the parameters of the generated acoustic emission signal measured in plain and in high strength concretes PDF
Z. Ranachowski, J. Hoła, K. Pogan 169-177
The influence of acoustic nonlinearity on absorption properties of Helmholtz resonators. Part I. Theory PDF
M. Meissner 179-190
From ear modeling to auditory transform PDF
P. Kleczkowski 191-206
The acoustic reactance of radiation of a planar annular membrane for axially-symmetric free vibrations PDF
W. J. Rdzanek, W. P. Jr. Rdzanek 207-212
Some precise evaluation theory of Leq using a wide sense digital filter and its application to traffic noise PDF
Mitsuo Ohta, Akira Ikuta, Yasuo Mitani 213-220
A practical trial of stochastic system identification under existence of background noise based on equivalence of statistics and its application to response probability evaluation of acoustic system with music input PDF
Mitsuo Ohta, Kiminobu Nishimura 221-232
Acoustic-emission investigation of failure of high strength concrete PDF
J. Hoła 233-244