e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 37, No 3 (2012)

Research Papers

Multimodal Ultrasonic Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection PDF
Jorge CAMACHO, Luis MEDINA, Jorge F. CRUZA, Jose M. MORENO, Carlos FRITSCH 253–260
Application of Acoustic Emission Method to Determine Critical Stress in Fibre Reinforced Mortar Beams PDF
Pulsed Focused Nonlinear Acoustic Fields from Clinically Relevant Therapeutic Sources in Layered Media: Experimental Data and Numerical Prediction Results PDF
Tamara KUJAWSKA 269–278
Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Defect Detection in Ceramic Materials PDF
Tahir Cetin AKINCI, H. Selcuk NOGAY, Ozgur YILMAZ 279–286
Theoretical Studies of Nonlinear Generation Efficiency in a Bubble Layer PDF
Anna BARANOWSKA 287–294
Recognizing the Sequences of Code Manipulated Short LFM Signals PDF
Tadeusz LESZCZYŃSKI 295–300
Beam Tracing with Refraction PDF
Marjan SIKORA, Ivo MATELJAN, Nikola BOGUNOVIĆ 301–316
Sound Diffusers with Fabric Covering PDF
Tadeusz KAMISIŃSKI, Krzysztof BRAWATA, Adam PILCH, Jarosław RUBACHA, Marcin ZASTAWNIK 317–322
Multi-Channel System for Sound Creation in Open Areas PDF
Andrzej GOŁAŚ, Katarzyna SUDER-DĘBSKA 323–329
Subjective Assessment of Concert Halls: a Common Vocabulary for Music Lovers and Acousticians PDF
Alicia GIMENEZ, Rosa Marıa CIBRIAN, Salvador CERDA 331–340
Influence of MoO3 on the Structure of Lithium Aluminum Phosphate Glasses PDF
Yasser B. SADDEEK, S. M. ABO-NAF 341–347
Correction of Acoustics in Historic Opera Theatres with the Use of Schroeder Diffuser PDF
Tadeusz KAMISIŃSKI 349–354
Perception of Mixture of Musical Instruments with Spectral Overlap Removed PDF
Piotr KLECZKOWSKI 355–363
A Perceptionist’s View on Psychoacoustics PDF
Jens BLAUERT 365–371


59th Open Seminar on Acoustics Boszkowo, Poland, September 10 – 14, 2012 PDF
Arkadiusz JÓZEFCZAK 373–393
Joint NTAV/SPA 2012 Conference Lodz University of Technology Poland, September 27 – 29, 2012 PDF
Paweł STRUMIŁŁO 395–398

In Memoriam

Professor Aleksander OPILSKI PDF
Tadeusz Pustelny 399–402