Archives of Acoustics, 37, 3, pp. 373–393, 2012

59th Open Seminar on Acoustics Boszkowo, Poland, September 10 – 14, 2012


The Scientific and Organizing Committees of 59th
Open Seminar on Acoustics would like to present the
abstracts of papers submitted for this conference. The
Open Seminar on Acoustics (OSA) is an annual confer-
ence, the largest in the country which has been bring-
ing Polish acousticians together for nearly sixty years.
It is organized sequentially by different departments of
Polish Acoustical Society (PTA) – in 2012 by the Poz-
nań Division. The conference presents all sections of
acoustics, such as: physical acoustics, technical acous-
tics, environmental acoustics, speech acoustics, hear-
ing acoustics, musical acoustics, architectural acous-
tics, etc. The aim of the conference is to exchange sci-
entific experience in the field of acoustics, promote sci-
ence and integrate specialists from various fields. The
integration of Polish acousticians is extremely impor-
tant because of the interdisciplinary nature of acous-
tics as a science. This allows the exchange of ideas,
research methods and possibilities of application used
by researchers and practitioners the many branches of
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