e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 15, No 1-2 (1990)


Outline of the Polish Acousticians History. Part I (Until 1969) PDF
L. Filipczyński 3-14

Research Papers

Electroacoustic system in the National Museum "Panorama Racławicka" in Wrocław PDF
J. Bednarek, T. Gudra, K. Rudno-Rudziński 15-30
An extra cochlear electro-stimulating device (ECME) using atraumatic external meatal electrodes as a communication aid for the deafened PDF
W. Bochenek, A. Chorzempa, J. W. Hazell, A. J. Kukwa, J. Kiciak 31-37
SAW generated electric charge on a metal disk on piezoelectrics PDF
E. Danicki 39-43
New approach in the theory of microstrip waveguides PDF
E. Danicki 45-48
Specific performance of IDT edge fingers PDF
E. Danicki, T, Gafka 49-56
Dislocation contribution in the acoustoelastic effect PDF
J. Deputat 57-68
Application of the acoustoelastic effect in measurements of. residual stresses PDF
J. Deputat 69-92
Resolution improvement filter for sonar returns PDF
A. Dyka 93-105
Evaluation of calcification detectability in female breasts by ultra sound. PDF
L. Filipczyński, T. Kujawska, G. Łypacewicz 107-119
Analysis of acoustics surface wave reflection on the interdigital transducer PDF
J. Filipiak 121-135
On the acoustic emission in moisted concrets and the method of its practical application PDF
W. Kołtoński 137-149
Diffraction by an impedance half-plane dependence on the impedance parameter PDF
H. Kudrewicz 151-183
Information contents of the acoustic emission exemplified by the selected physico-chemical processes PDF
W. Mikiel, J. Ranachowski, F. Rejmund, R. Rzeszotarska 185-192
Individual loudness functions obtained by absolute magnitude estimation PDF
A. Miśkiewicz 193-200
A new attempt at the estimation for the noise level probability distribution based on specific Lx noise evaluation indices PDF
M. Ohta, Y. Mitani 201-209
Acoustic emission during tensile deformation of copper single crystals and dislocation annihilation processes PDF
A. Pawełek, W. Stryjewski, H. Dybiec, W. Bochniak 211-226
Directional characteristic of a circular plate vibrating under the external pressure PDF
W. Rdzanek 227-234