e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 46, No 4 (2021)

Research Papers

On the Audibility of Electric Guitar Tonewood PDF
Jan JASINSKI, Stanisław OLEŚ, Daniel TOKARCZYK, Marek PLUTA 571–578
Active Cancellation of the Tonal Component of Sound Using a Discrete Fourier Transform of Variable Length PDF
Michał ŁUCZYNSKI, Andrzej DOBRUCKI, Stefan BRACHMAŃSKI 579–589
Numerical Model of Surface and Quasi-Spherical Sea Noise and Its Application to Analysis of DIFAR Systems PDF
Mariusz RUDNICKI, Roman SALAMON, Jacek MARSZAL 591–604
The Variation of Precipitated Phase Investigated with the Usage of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Technique PDF
Jun YOU, Yunxin WU, Hai GONG 605–610
Performance Analysis of MVDR Beamformer Applied on an End-fire Microphone Array Composed of Unidirectional Microphones PDF
Reflection and Transmission of Plane Wave at an Interface Between Two Rotating Micropolar Piezoelectric Solid Half-Spaces PDF
Baljeet SINGH, Asha SANGWAN, Jagdish SINGH 623–635
Influence of Geometric Structure, Convection, and Eddy on Sound Propagation in Acoustic Metamaterials with Turbulent Flow PDF
Myong Chol PAK, Kwang-Il KIM, Hak Chol PAK, Kwon Ryong HONG 637–647
Numerical Methodology to Obtain the Sound Absorption of Materials by Inserting the Acoustic Impedance PDF
Cláudia Ohana BORGES MENDES, Maria Alzira DE ARAÚJO NUNES 649–656
Identification of Physical Parameters of a Porous Material Located in a Duct by Inverse Methods PDF
Marwa KANI, Amine MAKNI, Mohamed TAKTAK, Mabrouk CHAABANE, Mohamed HADDAR 657–665
Experimental Determination of a Reflective Muffler Scattering Matrix for Single-Mode Excitation PDF
Łukasz GORAZD 667–675
Work Efficiency Prediction of Persons Working in Traffic Noise Environment Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Models PDF
Manoj Mansing YADAV, Bhaven TANDEL 677–683

Technical Notes

Optimal Design for Multi-Diffuser Mufflers Using the Simulated Annealing Method PDF
Min-Chie CHIU, Ho-Chih CHENG 685–696


67th Open Seminar on Acoustics September 14–17, 2021 PDF
Chronicle OSA 2019 697–711