e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 48, No 3 (2023)

Review Papers

Speech Analysis as a Tool for Detection and Monitoring of Medical Conditions: A review PDF
Magdalena IGRAS-CYBULSKA, Daria HEMMERLING, Mariusz ZIÓŁKO, Wojciech DATKA, Ewa STOGOWSKA, Michał KUCHARSKI, Rafał RZEPKA, Bartosz ZIÓŁKO 289–315

Research Papers

A Symmetric Approach in the Three-Dimensional Digital Waveguide Modeling of the Vocal Tract PDF
Tahir MUSHTAQ, Ahmad KAMRAN, Muhammad Zubair QURESHI, Zafar IQBAL 317–324
Ultrasonic P- and S-Wave Reflection and CPT Soundings for Measuring Shear Strength in Soil Stabilized by Deep Lime/Cement Columns in Stockholm Norvik Port PDF
Per LINDH, Polina LEMENKOVA 325–346
Field Study on Underwater Noise Emitted by Small Tourist Boats. Comparison Between the Use of Electric and Combustion Motors PDF
Alfio YORI 347–358
Study on Noise Attenuation Characteristics of Hydrofoil with Specific Cavitation Number PDF
Design and Experiments of A New Internal Cone Type Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor PDF
Ye CHEN, Junlin YANG, Liang LI, Shihao XIAO 373–380
Relationship Between the Sound Transmission Through the Finite Double-Panel Structure with a Cylindrical Shell Array and the Vibro-Acoustic Characteristics of its Constituents PDF
Myong-Jin KIM, Song-Hun KIM 381–388
An Improved EMD Method Based on Utilizing Certain Inflection Points in the Construction of Envelope Curves PDF
Mohsen KAFIL, Kaveh DARABI, Saeed ZIAEI-RAD 389–401
VMD and CNN-Based Classification Model for Infrasound Signal PDF
Quanbo LU, Mei LI 403–412
Numerical Investigation of the Propagation Characteristics of Surface Transverse Wave Considering Various Quartz Substrate and Electrode Configurations PDF
Chao JIANG, Xiaoli CAO, Feng YANG, Zejun LIU 413–423
PZT Asymmetrical Shape Optimization in Active Vibration Reduction of Triangular Plates PDF
Adam BRAŃSKI, Romuald KURAS 425–432
A Microscopic Prediction Model for Traffic Noise in Adjacent Regions to Arterial Roads PDF
Ming LI, Jizhou LIU 433–449


51st Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics Lth Winter School on Environmental Acoustics and Vibroacoustics Szczyrk, Poland, February 27 – March 3, 2023 PDF
51st Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics Lth Winter School on Environmental Acoustics and Vibroacoustics 451–460