e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 48, No 1 (2023)

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Research Papers

Sleep Snoring Sound Recognition Based on Wavelet Packet Transform PDF
Li DING, Jianxin PENG, Xiaowen ZHANG, Lijuan SONG 3–12
Comparative Analysis of Classifiers for the Assessment of Respiratory Disorders Using Speech Parameters PDF
Poonam SHRIVASTAVA, Neeta TRIPATHI, Bikesh Kumar SINGH, Bhupesh Kumar DEWANGAN 13–24
Numerical Simulation of Breast Cancer in the Early Diagnosis with Actual Dimension and Characteristics Using Photoacoustic Tomography PDF
Acoustic Identification of Dolphin Whistle Types in Deep Waters of Arabian Sea Using Wavelet Threshold Denoising Approach PDF
Madan M. MAHANTY, Sanjana M. CHEENANKANDY, Ganesan LATHA, Govindan RAGURAMAN, Ramasamy VENKATESAN 39–48
Using SVM Classifier and Micro-Doppler Signature for Automatic Recognition of Sonar Targets PDF
Abbas SAFFARI, Seyed Hamid ZAHIRI, Navid KHOZEIN GHANAD 49–61
Improvement of Sound Insulation Through Double-Panel Structure by Using Hybrid Local Resonator Array PDF
Kyong-Su RI, Myong-Jin KIM, Se-Hyon SON-U 63–70
Series Expanding of the Ultrasound Transmission Coefficient Through a Multilayered Structure PDF
Ahmed CHITNALAH, Noureddine AOUZALE, Hicham JAKJOUD 71–79
Evaluation of the Effect of Uncertainties on the Acoustic Behavior of a Porous Material Located in a Duct Element Using the Monte Carlo Method PDF
Hanen HANNACHI, Hassen TRABELSI, Marwa KANI, Mohamed TAKTAK, Mabrouk CHAABANE, Mohamed HADDAR 81–91
Airborne and Structure-Borne Noise Control in the MB Truck Cabin Interior by the Noise Reduction in the Transmission Path PDF
Nader MOHAMMADI 93–101
Evaluation and Analysis of Long-term Environmental Noise Levels in 7 Major Cities of India PDF
Naveen GARG, Saurabh KUMAR, Chitra GAUTAM, Vishal GANDHI, Nalin Kumar GUPTA 103–126
Continuous Head-related Transfer Function Representation Based on Hyperspherical Harmonics PDF
Adam SZWAJCOWSKI 127–139
Non-invasive Ultrasound Doppler Effect Based Method of Liquid Flow Velocity Estimation in Pipe PDF
Pawel BIERNACKI, Stanislaw GMYREK, Wladyslaw MAGIERA 141–148