Archives of Acoustics, 48, 1, pp. 71–79, 2023

Series Expanding of the Ultrasound Transmission Coefficient Through a Multilayered Structure

Cadi Ayyad University

Noureddine AOUZALE
Cadi Ayyad University

Ibn Zohr University

To calculate the transmission coefficient of ultrasonic waves through a multi-layered medium, a new approach is proposed by expanding it into Debye’s series. Using this formalism, the transmission coefficient can be put in the form of resonance terms series. From this point of view, the relative amplitude of the transmitted wave can be considered as an infinite summation of terms taking into account all possible reflections and refractions on each interface. Our model is then used to investigate interaction between the ultrasonic plane wave and the N-plane-layer structure. Obviously, the resulting infinite summation has to be reduced to a finite one, according to some level of accuracy. The numerical estimation of the transmission coefficient using the exact expression (Eq. (1)) is then compared to the one of our method in the case of two or three plane-layer structure. The effect of the order of the finite summation on the calculated value of the transmission coefficient is, as well, studied. Finally, our proposed method may be used, with the decomposition into Gaussian beams of a pressure field created by a circular source, to draw a 3D image of the pressure field transmitted through a multilayered structure.
Keywords: multilayered structure; Debye’s series; resonance formalism; ultrasonic NDT
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DOI: 10.24425/aoa.2023.144262