e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 35, No 2 (2010)

XV International Conference Noise Control 2010 PDF


From the history of the Noise Control Conference PDF
Zbigniew Witold ENGEL 133-144

Research Papers

Sound, noise and speech at the 9000-seat Holy Trinity Church in Fatima, Portugal PDF
António P.O. CARVALHO, Pedro M.A. SILVA 145-156
Sound-absorbing and insulating enclosures for ultrasonic range PDF
Andrzej DOBRUCKI, Bronisław ŻÓŁTOGÓRSKI, Piotr PRUCHNICKI, Romuald BOLEJKO 157-164
Reduction of vibrations of pedestrian bridges using Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) PDF
Wiesław FIEBIG 165-174
Cogeneration in small scale - high speed microturbines dynamic analysis PDF
Jan KICIŃSKI 175–182
Whole-body and hand-arm vibration in in-house transport PDF
Piotr KOWALSKI, Jacek ZAJĄC 183-190
Active noise control algorithm based on a neural network and nonlinear input-output system identification model PDF
Tomasz KRUKOWICZ 191-202
Adaptive algorithms for enhancement of speech subject to a high-level noise PDF
Mariusz LATOS, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 203-212
Earplug actuator selection for a miniature personal active hearing protection system PDF
Marek PAWEŁCZYK, Mariusz LATOS 213–222
Method of acoustic assessment of machinery based on global acoustic quality index PDF
Dariusz PLEBAN 223-235
Monitoring the reaction and response of people to urban noise PDF
Diana Ioana POPESCU, Iuliana Fabiola MOHOLEA 237-244
Analysis of acoustic environment on premises of nursery schools in Wrocław PDF
Barbara RUDNO-RUDZIŃSKA, Karolina CZAJKOWSKA 245-252
Noise at workplaces in the call center PDF
Bożena SMAGOWSKA 253-264
Acoustic intensity imaging methods for in-situ wave propagation PDF
Stefan WEYNA 265-273


XV International Conference Noise Control 2010 - Abstracts PDF
Editorial Board 275–305