e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 15, No 3-4 (1990)

Research Papers

Ultrasonic and thermodynamic effects of self-association of aliphatic alcohols in c- C6 H12. I. Primary butanols PDF
K. Bebek, S. Ernst 239-251
On a possibility of realization of SAW resonator with surface modes conversion PDF
E. Danicki 253-255
Scattering of elastic surface waves on a localized mechanical load of the surface PDF
A. Dukata, J. Kapelewski 257-269
The acoustic emission transducer calibration using spark method PDF
F. Dušek, C. Seidl, J. Siedlaczek, S. Pilecki 271-285
Simplified system for isolated word recognition PDF
R. Gubrynowicz, K. Marasek, W. Mikiel, W. Więźlak 287-300
Velocity dispersion and attenuation of acoustic waves in critical mixturcs PDF
T. Hornowski, M. Łabowski 301-310
Dependence of the AE maximum burst amplitude on the deformation mechanism in some rocks PDF
A. M. Jaroszewska 311-324
Perception of Polish accent in a re-synthesized speech signal PDF
W. Jassem, W. Van Dommelen 325-348
Ultrasonic studies of the hydration of amino acids and oligopeptides PDF
A. Juszkiewicz 349-354
Digital velocity profile estimator of blood flow in the heart and large blood vessels PDF
P. Karłowicz, J. Liwski, M. Piechocki, W. Secomski, A. Nowicki 355-365
Making use of Bragg's diffraction for investigations of the acoustic activity of bismuth-germanium oxide PDF
Z. Kleszczewski 367-374
Design of ultrasonic probes for medical diag¬nostics PDF
G. Łypacewicz, E. Duriasz 375-397
Unification of various type expressions for probability distribution of arbitrary random noise and vibration waves based on their actual fluctuation ranges. Theory and experiment PDF
M. Ohta, N. Nakasako, Y. Xiao 399-416
Application of the acoustic emission method in fatigue cracking and fracture toughness estimation for steel PDF
S. Pilecki, J. Siedlaczek 417-435
Remote sensing of the sea oil pollution by means of high frequency surface scattering PDF
S. J. Pogorzelski 437-446
Investigations on auditory spaciousness of large acoustic sources within a room PDF
K. Rudno-Rudziński, J. Renowski 447-463
Low-cycle fatigue investIgation by acoustIc emission method PDF
J. Siedlaczek, S. Pilecki, F. Dušek 464-476
Effect of electric field on the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity in oils PDF
A. Skumiel, M. Łabowski 477-498
Pseudorandom ultrasonic Doppler meter of liquid flow and profile with digital serial signal processing PDF
Z. Trawiński, D. J. Cathignol 499-514
The acoustic nearfield of sources of high density PDF
R. Wyrzykowski,, J. K. Snakowski 515-529
Waves with finite amplitude in Bessel horns PDF
T. Zamorski 531-542


In memorize of Professor Zbigniew Życzkowski (1910-1988) PDF
A. Dobrucki, W. Majewski, J. Zalewski 543-548