Archives of Acoustics, 15, 3-4, pp. 325-348, 1990

Perception of Polish accent in a re-synthesized speech signal

W. Jassem
Acoustic Phonetics Department, Institute of Fundamental Technological, Research Polish Academy of Sciences, 61- 704 Poznań, Noskowskiego 10

W. Van Dommelen
Institut fur Phonetik und digitale Sprachverarbeitung Christian - AI brech ts- U niversität *Kiel, Kiel, Bundesrepublik Deutschland

The utterance /vidzitceteras/ was spoken, in three versions, with the accent (I) on the first, (II) on the second and (IV) on the fourth syllable. Using a package of computer programs for speech processing which executes analysis and synthesis by linear prediction, the fundamental frequency parameter, or F 0' was mutually exchaned among the three versions, in two listening experiments. In further experiments, the time variations of Fo were averaged in several ways, and replaced either by random noise or by a constant Fo value. The listening experiments were carried out with three groups of subjects, viz. (1) German University students, (2) Polish University students, and (3) Polish research workers and technical] staff. The listeners in the first group, who knew no Polish, but specialized in phonetics, placed accent almost exactly like those of the Polish subjects whose reactio~s were systematic. The temporal variations of the Fo parameter had a decisive effect on the perception of accent, whilst the effect of the other parameters was extremely limited when F o was replaced by random noise. Substitution of constant Fo made the localization of accent almost totally impossible.
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