e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 18, No 1 (1993)

Research Papers

Automatic speech signal segmentation with chosen parametrization method PDF
Cz. Basztura, T. Sawczyn 3-15
Microstructure of sound: formants in the dynamical spectra of violin sounds PDF
H. Harajda, W. Mikiel, P. Gabryelczyk, P. Fedyniuk 17-32
Measurement of reverberation time using Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) PDF
G. Papanikolaou, V. Psaroudakis, M. Nistikakis 33-45
Vibroacoustic monitoring of bearing points failures in the driving system of the mining main ventilation fans PDF
T. Zakrzewski 47-66
Analysis and implementation of hydroacoustic methods for estimation of high densities of fish in sea pens PDF
A. Stepnowski 67-82
Assessment of the pelagic fish resources in the Southern Black Sea using echo integration and dual-beam processing PDF
A. Stepnowski, A. Cemal Gücü, F. Bingel 83-104
Ultrasonic and thermodynamic effects of self-association of aliphatic alcohols in c-C6H12. II. Primary and tertiary pentanols PDF
K. Bebek, R. Manikowski, S. Ernst 105-111
Wave propagation and scattering in elastic plate with periodically grooved surface PDF
E. Danicki, D. Bogucki 113-130
Experimental investigation of discrete sound production in deep cavity exposed to airflow PDF
M. Meissner 131-156
An influence of vapours of some organic compounds and water on acoustic properties of selected polymer layers PDF
W. Jakubik, M. Urbańczyk 157-161
Acoustic emission during nonhomogeneous tensile deformation of ARMCO-iron PDF
A. Pawełek, S. Pilecki 163-170


Chronicle PDF
A. S. Śliwiński 171