e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 37, No 2 (2012)

Research Papers

Fault Detection Enhancement in Rolling Element Bearings Using the Minimum Entropy Deconvolution PDF
Tomasz BARSZCZ, Nader SAWALHI 131–141
Voice Conversion Based on Hybrid SVR and GMM PDF
Peng SONG, Yun JIN, Li ZHAO, Cairong ZOU 143–149
Numerical Modelling of the Acoustic Pressure Inside an Axisymmetric Lined Flow Duct PDF
Mohamed TAKTAK, Mohamed Ali MAJDOUB, Mabrouk BENTAHAR, Mohamed HADDAR 151–160
Tinnitus Therapy Based on High-Frequency Linearization Principles – Preliminary Results PDF
Tomasz POREMSKI, Bożena KOSTEK 161–170
Computing Reverberation Time in a 3D Room Model Using a Finite Difference Method Applied for the Diffusion Equation PDF
Jarosław KRASZEWSKI 171–180
Shape Optimization of Two-layer Acoustical Hoods Using an Artificial Immune Method PDF
Min-Chie CHIU 181–188
Numerical Evaluation of the Vibration Reduction Index for Structural Joints PDF
Jaime RAMIS, Enrique SEGOVIA, Jesus ALBA, Jesus CARBAJO, Luıs GODINHO 189–197
Effects of Speech Intensity on the Callsign Acquisition Test (CAT) and Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) Presented in Noise PDF
Misty BLUE-TERRY, Maranda McBRIDE, Tomasz LETOWSKI 199–203
Acoustic Heating Produced in the Boundary Layer PDF
Anna PERELOMOVA, Weronika PELC–GARSKA 205–211
Sound Reflection from Overhead Stage Canopies Depending on Ceiling Modification PDF
Tadeusz KAMISIŃSKI, Agata SZELĄG, Jarosław RUBACHA 213–218
Numerical Compensation of Air Absorption of Sound in Scale Model Measurements PDF
Dejan G. ĆIRIĆ, Aleksandar PANTIĆ 219–225
Experimental Verification of the Theoretical Model of Sound Radiation from an Unflanged Duct with Low Mean Flow PDF

Technical Notes

Study of the Acoustic Suitability of an Open Plan Office Based on STI and DL2 Simulations PDF
Carolina Reich Marcon PASSERO, Paulo Henrique Trombetta ZANNIN 237–243
Testing of a Device for Positioning Measuring Microphones in Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers PDF
Józef FELIS, Artur FLACH, Tadeusz KAMISIŃSKI 245–250