e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 16, No 2 (1991)

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Research Papers

Outline of the Polish Acousticians History Part II (1970-1989) PDF
L. Filipczyński 195-205
Quantitative ultrasonography (Development in Poland) PDF
L. Filipczyński 207-228
Transfer impedance of a three-layer viscoelastic rod PDF
W. Bandera 229-235
Image similarity functions in non-parametric algorithms of voice identification PDF
Cz. Basztura, J. Zuk 237-247
Fullwave theory of ΔV/V SAW waveguide and couplers PDF
D. Gafka 249-267
Objective characteristic parameters of loudspeakers in the aspect of psychoacoustic data PDF
E. Hojan 269-282
Relation between selected attributes of the perception space and the evaluation of sound PDF
E. Hojan, A. Furmann 283-293
Prediction of the early part of echograms indispensable in computer simulation in rooms PDF
E. Hojan, Ch. Pösselt 295-303
Determination of perceptual boundaries between the male, female and child's voices in isolated synthethic Polish vowels PDF
J. Imiołczyk 305-323
Designing problems in computerized acoustic analyzers PDF
G. Papanikolaou, B. Kostek 325-342
Application of acoustic methods to assessment of concrete humidity influence on the process of concrete destruction PDF
J. Pyszniak, J. Hoła 343-353
Application of correlation methods for an investigation of the acoustic field in a room PDF
K. Środecki, A. Śliwiński 355-367
Direct application of linguistic variable to the speech segment description in isolated word recognizer PDF
W. Więźlak 369-381