e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 47, No 2 (2022)

Research Papers

Evaluation of Noise Pollution in Bengaluru City, India During COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Saima ANJUM, Anupma KUMARI 131-140
An Acoustic Study of the Emphatic Occlusive [ṭ] in School-Going Children with Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip PDF
Khaled BAAZI, Mhania GUERTI 141-149
Microphone Based Acoustic Vector Sensor for Direction Finding with Bias Removal PDF
Mohd WAJID, Arun KUMAR, Rajendar BAHL 151-167
The Influence of a Low-Frequency Musical Fragment on the Neural Oscillations PDF
Kateryna DROZDENKO, Sergey NAIDA, Oleksandr DROZDENKO, Anastasiia DAMARAD, Dmytro PARENIUK, Liudmyla VAKULENKO, Zhanna ADARICHEVA 169-179
Spoofed Speech Detection with Weighted Phase Features and Convolutional Networks PDF
Gökay DİŞKEN 181-189
Effect of Power Amplifier Distortion on the Speech Transmission Index for Public Address Systems PDF
Paweł DZIECHCIŃSKI 191-199
Objective and Subjective Assessment of the Sound Attenuation Efficiency Obtained by Custom Moulded Earplugs with Various Acoustic Filters – a Preliminary Study PDF
A Honeycomb Based Graded Metamaterial Muffler with Broadband Sound Attenuation and Load Bearing Performances PDF
Gen LI, Yan CHEN, Huan HE 213-221
Evaluation of the Acoustic Performance of Porous Materials Lined Ducts with Geometric Discontinuities PDF
Dhouha TOUNSI, Wafa TAKTAK, Raja DHIEF, Mohamed TAKTAK, Mabrouk CHAABANE, Mohamed HADDAR 223-240
Research on Airflow Background Noise Suppression for Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Testing PDF
Yuanwen LI, Min LI, Daofang FENG, Debin YANG, Long WEI 241-257
Monitoring of Partial Discharges in Cable Insulation and Cable Head Using Acoustic Method PDF
Zbigniew RANACHOWSKI, Krzysztof WIECZOREK, Przemysław RANACHOWSKI, Tomasz DEBOWSKI 259-265
An Efficient Edge Preserving Interpolation Method for Underwater Acoustic Image Resolution Enhancement PDF

Technical Notes

Acoustic Matching Characteristics of Annular Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Sensor PDF
Haoran LI, Yan HU, Laibo LI, Dongyu XU 275-284
Influence of State of Alarm Caused by COVID-19 on Noise in the City Centre of Huelva (Spain) PDF
Juan Carlos FORTES, Rafael SÁNCHEZ-SÁNCHEZ, Juan Pedro BOLÍVAR 285-291


50th Jubilee Winter School on Wave and Quantum Acoustics XLIXth Winter School on Environmental Acoustics and Vibroacoustics Szczyrk, Poland, 28 February – 3/4 March, 2022 PDF
Franciszek WITOS 293-301

In Memoriam

In Memoriam Janusz Renowski PDF
Andrzej Bogdan DOBRUCKI 303-303