e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 38, No 4 (2013)

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Research Papers

Speech Emotion Recognition under White Noise PDF
Chengwei HUANG, Guoming CHEN, Hua YU, Yongqiang BAO, Li ZHAO 457–463
Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Sparse Representation PDF
Jingjie YAN, Xiaolan WANG, Weiyi GU, LiLi MA 465–470
Selection of Sound Insulating Elements in Hydraulic Excavators Based Onidentification of Vibroacoustic Energy Propagation Paths PDF
Zbigniew DĄBROWSKI, Jacek DZIURDŹ, Radosław PAKOWSKI 471–478
Awareness of Noise Hazards and the Value of Soundscapes in Polish National Parks PDF
Sebastian BERNAT 479–487
Indicator of Vibroacoustic Energy Propagation as a Selection Criterion of Design Solution PDF
Grzegorz KLEKOT 489–494
Acoustic Absorption of a New Class of Alumina Foams with Various High-Porosity Levels PDF
Tomasz G. ZIELIŃSKI, Marek POTOCZEK, Romana E. ŚLIWA, Łukasz J. NOWAK 495–502
Numerical Evaluation of Sound Attenuation Provided by Periodic Structures PDF
Effect of Binaural Stimulation on Attention and EEG PDF
Adela CRESPO, Manuel RECUERO, Gerardo GALVEZ, Adrian BEGONA 517–528
Controllability-Oriented Placement of Actuators for Active Noise-Vibration Control of Rectangular Plates Using a Memetic Algorithm PDF
Stanisław WRONA, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 529–536
Active Noise Control with a Single Nonlinear Control Filter for a Vibrating Plate with Multiple Actuators PDF
Krzysztof MAZUR, Marek PAWEŁCZYK 537–545

Technical Notes

Evaluation of Two Alternative Procedures for Measuring Airflow Resistance of Sound Absorbing Materials PDF
Romina del REY, Jesus ALBA, Jorge P. ARENAS, Jaime RAMIS 547–554
Latest Developments in International Standardization of Whole-Body and Hand-Arm Vibration PDF
Martin LIEDTKE,, Jorg RISSLER, Uwe KAULBARS 555–558
An Objective and Subjective Study of Noise Exposure within the Frequency Range from 10 kHz to 40 kHz PDF
Bożena SMAGOWSKA 559–563
Influence of Material Used for the Regenerator on the Properties of a Thermoacoustic Heat Pump PDF
Bartłomiej KRUK 565–570

In Memoriam

Professor Zbigniew Witold ENGEL 1933 – 2013 PDF
Jan Adamczyk, Wojciech Batko 453–456
Professor Marian URBAŃCZYK PDF
Tadeusz Pustelny 571–572
Professor Mikołaj ŁABOWSKI PDF
Tomasz Hornowski 573–573

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