Archives of Acoustics, 38, 4, pp. 529–536, 2013

Controllability-Oriented Placement of Actuators for Active Noise-Vibration Control of Rectangular Plates Using a Memetic Algorithm

Stanisław WRONA
Institute of Automatic Control, Silesian University of Technology

Institute of Automatic Control, Silesian University of Technology

For successful active control with a vibrating plate it is essential to appropriately place actuators.
One of the most important criteria is to make the system controllable, so any control objectives can be
In this paper the controllability-oriented placement of actuators is undertaken. First, a theoretical
model of a fully clamped rectangular plate is obtained. Optimization criterion based on maximization of
controllability of the system is developed. The memetic algorithm is used to find the optimal solution.
Obtained results are compared with those obtained by the evolutionary algorithm. The configuration is
also validated experimentally.
Keywords: active control; flexible structures; actuators placement; controllability Gramian; evolutionary algorithm; memetic algorithm
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