e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 9, No 1-2 (1984)

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Research Papers

The action of therapeutic ultrasound on the catalytic activity of the dissociating enzymes PDF
N. A. Rozanova, E. P. Chetverikowa 5-14
Ther mo graphic investigation of ultrasonically induced temperature distribution in tissues and tissue-equivalent phantoms PDF
T. Pashovkin, E. Khiznyak, A. Sarvazyan 15-22
The influence of low-intensity ultrasound on the properties of cell cultures PDF
Jiri Adler, Ivo Hrazdira, Jitka Hanzlova, Vera Zajicova 23-28
The ultrasonic nonlinearity parameter for biological media PDF
F. Dunn, W. K. Law, L. A. Frizzell 29-34
Thresholds of biological action of ultrasound PDF
Valentin Akopyan 35-40
Estimation of calcification detectability in breast tissues by means of the ultrasonic echo and shadow methods PDF
L. Filipczyński, G. Łypacewicz 41-50
Photoacoustic spectroscopy as a method in biological investigations PDF
Jerzy Motylewski, Jerzy Ranachowski 51-56
Monte carlo calculations of ultrasound scattering by blood PDF
Ulrich Cobet, Albrecht Klemenz, Rudolf Millner 57-66
Focused ultrasound as a stimulator of the nerve structures PDF
L. E. Gavrilov 67-74
Ultrasonic investigation of fibre texture in plants PDF
H. Gawda, J. Lewandowski 75-82
Calculation of ultrasonic field distribution radiated by planar transducers* PDF
Anna Markiewicz 83-94
Biophysical approach to the problem of safety of diagnostic ultrasound PDF
Ivo Hrazdira 95-100
Frequency dependent ultrasonic attenuation coefficient assessment in fresh tissue PDF
W. D. O'brien, L. A. Segal 101-104
The influence of ultrasound on the reaction of immobilized enzymes PDF
Eike Rosenfeld, Pet1r Schmidt 105-112
Cavitation effect in some erythrocyte suspensions PDF
Eva Veress 113-116
The passive haemagglutination reaction with sonicated t. Palliduni (nichols strain) in the serodiagnosis of syphilis (tpha) PDF
Voichitza Lazar, Florica Kevorkian, Iuliu Capusan, Dezideriu Aus Lander, Eva Veress 117-120
Echographic signal processing PDF
A. Herment, P. Peronneau, G. Demoment 121-130
Ultrasonic gray scale doppler imaging angiography PDF
Tadeusz Powałowski, Jerzy Etienne, Leszek Filipczyński, Andrzej Nowicki, Maciej Piechocki, Wojciech Secomski, Andrzej Wleciał, Maria Barańska 131-136
Measurement system for medical ultrasonic pulse spectroscopy PDF
K. P. Richter, P. Lange, R. Millner, H. Heynemann, M. I. Richter, H. Pressler, Th. Drescher, H. Letterer 137-142
Properties of holographically produced complex spatial filters for real-time deconvolution of blurred ultrasound images PDF
Jan Somer, Frans Jongsma 143-154
Electronic focusing of the ultrasonic beam by means of an annular array system PDF
T. Waszczuk, T. Kujawska, J. C. Somer 155-162
Ceredrovascular impedance measurements with us doppler technique PDF
Carlo Alvisi, Marco Giulioni, Marziano Cerisoli, Giuliano Giuliani, Paolo Monari, Clemente Pallotti 163-174
Results of doppler investigation of blood flow velocity in reduced inflow or increased resistance in the brachial artery PDF
A. Chrościcki, W. Secomski 175-180
Cardiovascular diagnosis with frequency spectral analysis (fsa) and continuous wave doppler (CWD) PDF
Merrill P. Spencer 181-190
Estimation of the collateral circulation index (CCI) in the lower extremities using the impedance rheography and ultrasonic methods PDF
Jerzy Wesołowski, Andrzej Nowicki, Barbara Topolska, Grzegorz Pawlicki, Leszek Filipczyński, Tadeusz Pałko, Henryk Rykowski 191-198
Doppler echocardiography: validity of a quantitative analysis of velocity curves PDF
G. Colonna, B. Diebold, R. Touati, D. Blanchard, P. Peronneau, J. L. Guermonprez, P. Maurice 199-204
Pulsed and continuous wave doppler in heart lesions PDF
Liv Hatle 205-214
Contrast doppler echocardiography PDF
P. Niederle, P. Fridl, E. Koudelkova, P. Jebavy, M. Haco 215-222
Institute of Hydrodynamics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences PDF
Antonin Grospic, Eva Koudelkova, Petr Niederle, Frantisek Klimes 223-232
Estimation of cardiac flow in children by means of imaging gated pulse doppler PDF
A. Nowicki, W. Secomski, M. Pleskot 233-242
Ultrasonic doppler mti system for evaluation of aortocoronai{y bypass graft patency PDF
A. Nowicki, J. M. Reid, M. P. Spencer 243-250
Characteristics of fluid dynamics in tubes and the outflow tract of an artificial heart, measured with pulsed us doppler technique PDF
M. Pohl, M. O. Wendt, G. Pardemann, D. Lerche 251-256
Echocardiography in pulmonary hypertension PDF
P. Fridl, P. Niederle, J. Widimsky, M. Riedel, R. Jandova 257-266
Echocardiography in the follow-up of patients with prosthetic heart valves PDF
E. Koudelkova, A. Grospic, P. Niederle 267-274
Stroke volume estimation by rheo-echocardiography during atrial fibrillation converted to sinus rhythm PDF
Tadeusz Pałko, Leonard Kompiel, Krystyna Ilmturzyńska 275-284
Clinical applications of fetal echocardiography PDF
Hideyo Shimada, Michiko Takahashi, Shizuo Katagiri, Hideo Kobayashi, Kazuru Saito 285-295
Diagnostic ultrasound in surgery clinics PDF
V. V. Zaretsky 295-298
Proceedings of the conference ultrasound in biology and Medicine - Ubiomed VI PDF