e-ISSN: 2300-262X, ISSN: 0137-5075

Vol 33, No 4(S) (2008)


Some Methods of Describing Echolocation Calls of Bats Using Cohen’S Class and Wavelet Algorithms PDF
Krzysztof HERMAN 7–12
Analysis and Modelling of Ultrasonic Pulses in a Biological Medium PDF
Krzysztof J. OPIELIŃSKI 13–19
Golay Code Excitation of Ultrasonic Transducers with Different Backing PDF
Wojciech SECOMSKI, Ihor TROTS, Andrzej NOWICKI 21–26
Comparison of Methods Used for Ultrasonic Examinations of IMT in the Wall of the Carotid Artery Model PDF
Zbigniew TRAWIŃSKI, Janusz WÓJCIK 27–32
The Measurement of Nonlinear Distortion Using Broadband Noise PDF
Andrzej DOBRUCKI,, Rafał SICZEK 33–37
A Microstructure, Piezoelectric and Dielectric Properties of the PZT Ceramics Obtained by the Sol-Gel Method PDF
Monika DUKAT, Aldona ZARYCKA 39–44
RLS-Based Control Algorithms for 3D Zones of Quiet PDF
Małgorzata I. MICHALCZYK, Janusz SERWIN 45–52
Ironless Loudspeakers with Ferrofluid Seals PDF
Ironless Lowfrequency Loudspeaker Working Under its Resonance Frequency PDF
Benoit MERIT, Guy LEMARQUAND 59–64
Computational and Experimental Investigations of a Sound Pressure Level Distribution at the Outlet of the Spiral Duct PDF
Wojciech ŁAPKA, Czesław CEMPEL 65–70
Influence of Meteorological Conditions on Effectiveness of Acoustic Screens – Measurements and Computations PDF
Barbara RUDNO–RUDZIŃSKA, Tomasz MALEC, Łukasz SAWA 71–76
Investigation of the Road Noise Source Employing an Automatic Noise Monitoring Station PDF
Maciej SZCZODRAK, Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI, Józef KOTUS 77–83
Ship’s Hydroacoustics Signatures Classification PDF
Andrzej ŻAK 85–90
Selective Mixing of a Symphonic Orchestra Recording PDF
Automatic Detection and Correction of Detuned Singing System for Use With Query-By-Humming Applications PDF
Michał LECH 99–104
Resonance Attenuation of Ultrasonic Waves in a High Viscosity Magnetic Liquid PDF
Karolina CHARAZIAK, Marcin MARECKI, Tomasz HORNOWSKI, Arkadiusz JÓZEFCZAK, Andrzej SKUMIEL 105–110
Effect of Magnetic Field on Electric and Acoustic Properties of the PDMS Ferromagnetic Gel PDF
Leszek KUBISZ, Andrzej SKUMIEL, Arkadiusz JÓZEFCZAK, Edward PANKOWSKI 111–116
Research of Degradation Processes of Insulator Porcelain C 130 Type PDF
Przemysław RANACHOWSKI, Feliks REJMUND, Zbigniew RANACHOWSKI, Andrzej PAWEŁEK, Andrzej PIĄTKOWSKI 117–122
The Study of Influence of High Pressure Torsion Process on Acoustic Emission Activity of Compressed Mg-Li Alloys PDF
Zbigniew RANACHOWSKI, Przemysław RANACHOWSKI, Feliks REJMUND, Andrzej PAWEŁEK, Andrzej PIĄTKOWSKI, Zdzisław JASIEŃSKI 123–128
Prediction of Turbofan Engine Noise Considering Diffraction at the Duct Outlet PDF
Anna SNAKOWSKA, Henryk IDCZAK 129–134
Testing the Sound Quality of Acoustic Vacuum Tube Amplifier PDF
Stanisław MALECZEK 135–140
New Generation Speech Aid for Stuttering People PDF
Piotr ODYA, Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI 141–146
Localization of a Sound Source in Double MS Recordings PDF
Piotr KLECZKOWSKI, Magdalena PLEWA, Grzegorz PYDA 147–152
Hearing Aid Fitting Method Based on Fuzzy Logic Processing PDF
Piotr SUCHOMSKI, Bożena KOSTEK, Andrzej CZYŻEWSKI 153–158
Influence of Absorbing Material Distribution on Double Slope Sound Decay in L-Shaped Room PDF
Mirosław MEISSNER 159–164
Perturbation Methods for Acoustic Systems with Interval Parameters PDF
Jerzy SKRZYPCZYK 165–170
Propagation of Soundwaves in Uncertain Environment – New Interval Perturbation Methodology PDF
Agnieszka WINKLER–SKALNA 171–176
Objective Measure for Assessment of Speech Quality in Rooms PDF
Stefan BRACHMAŃSKI 177–182
Estimation Of The Vocal Folds Vibration Fundamental Frequency by Higer Order Spectrum PDF
Wiesław WSZOŁEK, Maciej KŁACZYŃSKI 183–188
The Influence of the La3+ Content on the Mechanical Properties of Electrooptic Transducers Based on PLZT Type Ceramics PDF
Active Vibration Control of Rectangular Plate with Piezoceramic Elements PDF
Wojciech BATKO, Michał KOZUPA 195–200
Precision Analysis of Vibration Energy Flux in Angular Connection of Plates PDF
Jacek CIEŚLIK, Janina PIECZARA 201–206
Online Identification of Mathematical Model of Circular Plate for Vibration Cancellation PDF
Paweł KOS 207–212