Archives of Acoustics, 33, 4(S), pp. 177–182, 2008

Objective Measure for Assessment of Speech Quality in Rooms

Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications, Teleinformatics and Acoustics

The methods for assessment of speech quality fall into two classes: subjective and objective methods. This paper includes an overview of the two methods of objective measurements speech intelligibility (Speech Transmission Index and the automatic speech recognition system (QE-ARM)). Experiments in which the methods were used are described. The results are compared with subjective measurements. Subjective and objective measurements were carried out in a room for different signal to noise (white and pink noise) ratio. The obtained results are shown as a curve describing a relation between a STI and signal to noise ratio (S/N) and STI versus logatom speech intelligibility.
Keywords: speech quality, speech intelligibility, room acoustic
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